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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! And my next interview on the way with the pure beauty- Marta Hordyjewska !

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Hello World,

Sorry for not updating the blog ….. I was in Milan and now I came back to my beautiful, cold Poland !  I am proud of the fact that very recently I started my collaboration with Roma Magazine ( www.romamagazine.eu ) hopefully it will be a long term cooperation and slowly we won’t need to introduce ourselves to anyone :) !!! and …. wish me luck :)

Anyways, I am happy to present my next interview tomorrow with a personal trainer and crossfit queen Marta Hordyjewska ( she used to be a model before )

981573895   10407935_10204766696224238_2090597134942411548_n

 Recently we can see BOOM on healthy living. Sporty clothes, healthy meals and exercises are fashionable now ( which we can see for example on FACEBOOK SELFIES :P  ) Marta is an example of a sporty girl who looks just beautiful and stylish even after her hard workout ;)

10422121_10204218656059573_6197532301106799469_n   1374263_10204229563772259_6242551024816902339_n

her interesting points of view, her beauty, her sexapil, very modern style ……… that’s how she paid my attention :)  Wait until tomorrow …and I am starting to translate the talk .

10612914_762739047113541_74020007771250590_n   10801823_729431597139989_6082420578492046561_n

have a great day x


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