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10304969_1561281550761797_6295628287136761219_n    1618543_1462030310686922_1050309690_n

SO SO SO SORRY for the delay …..but here is it, 24 years old Kitana Beker ( on the photos above ) .One of the most talented polish photographers! She is busy …very busy :) but finally she found some time for me ! She impresses because her photos attract attention of other clients like CKM or Playboy just to name the few …:)

10374445_609988962447519_5053141166786087590_n         1471367_492748124171604_1534187555_n    10426827_10202033403185224_7406621288209450674_n

She has worked with many famous celebrities …but I will tell about it next time ;) Europe brands know her, and many of YOU would like to work with her soon …. sexy… sophisticated… interesting… new.. different…  modern- and what else ?!?!  Just find out … :)

10616692_626128007500281_1318416571288497616_n           1098495_540094952770254_2074808799_n

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8829 abei1

My next interview I did with an extraordinary hairdresser and mentor of younger prospective talents- ALESSANDRO ABEI. One of his studios, where you can find him most often, is in Rome on via Severa Carmignano 37 ! I had the pleasure to meet him while in Rome and Yes, this is the guy who cut my hair for their Revlon Show Di Capelli.

10275946_10152126203493105_3652160753594294633_n 1450809_10202022439557042_635621325_n

His family, as he calls his Gogen Team, is a group of hugely talented and passionate people. Their haircut techniques are always original, sophisticated and with vision, most of the time with adding something from the 60′s. I have never ever seen in my life such dedicated persons. During their job you could just FEEL this atmosphere of passion and dedication, and that they really love what they do! All of the squad is collaborating with each others and the guru is him- Alessandro, who is always there to help or give advice.


If you don’t know already Alessandro Abei and his Gogen Team… tommorow you will have that possibility  ;-)



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26 years old photographer who knows what he wants! Very hard working and motivated but at the same time talented and humble… He has his own studio in Warsaw (PL) and at the same time he is a promoter, manager and organizer of some polish fashion shows. His work you can see in magazines such as Vogue Italy, Estetica Polska, Imperium Kobiet, Make up Trendy, Newsweek, Invision Magazine, Rzeczpospolita and many others! After the photoshoot with famous Joanna Krupa his career started to shine! Now he is working with polish celebrities on a daily basis….what a lucky man :) I met him outside of work and believe me, he is just a normal, smart and sweet guy…with A LOT of patience ;) Read through the interview and I am sure that you will be more motivate than ever to do something with your life….something you love and are passionate about! 



1. How did you start you journey with photography? Have you been always into it?

This is the most common question. Honestly i am not quite sure when my passion for photography started because even when i was a little kid, together with my parents we took a camera with us during our trips. My family is into travelling a lot, we are always hungry for new adventures and to discover new places. But i think that as the beginning we can say my trips where i took a camera by myself and where I did photoreports of my journeys. It was 2005 when I had the possibility to do some very impressive photos during my 3 weeks trip to the US. It was terrific experience, where we travelled 6000km by car, visiting Texas, Arizona, California, Nevada, Utah, Montana and Washington, Next years brought me more impressivephotos from America, this time New York City…and also from Romania, Portugal and Buthan. And thats how it started!

By the way… when i was very young I wanted to become an astronaut, so not always I wanted to become a photographer :)

I studied management, and my first ever job was mediation in real estate, but even then photography accompanied me during my spare time. Later i just opened a photo studio in Warsaw, and everything changed …..i became professional :)





2. What gear do you use?

The first camera ever i kept in my hands was Canon, and it stayed like this ever since. Currently i am working on Canon 1D mark IV and 5D mark III.

12134-3quart                 Canon_EOS_5D_Mark_III


3. What is THE „Piotr Myszkowski style” ?

This is the harder one. I think the common thing in all my work is accuracy and refined in details. I am not going on compromises with anyone if I don’t feel the photo is good enough. It HAS TO have that „IT”! Many, maaaany times I just rejected photos which everyone from my team liked, but I just didn’t like one detail. I tried to convince all the team to my point of view and to pick only „pearls”. I am working on every detail during all my photoshoots as i want it to be as perfect as possible!

unnameddwdwdwwddw                  unnameddwwddwdwdwdw




4. Do you remember IT moment, when you started to receive offers from the bests, and when you started to be known in the fashion industry?

For sure one of those moments was opening my own studio in Warsaw, then i met many people from the industry. I took a risk and „put everything on one card”. It was a good step. The next moment was an advertisement shoot with Joanna Krupa. I really enjoyed it! This was a photoshoot which opened many doors for me and was a staple for my future career.




5. What is your own way to output the beauty of a woman?

The most important thing is conversation and psychological approach to the woman. Also liberty and freedom during the shoot. Many women think that they are not photogenic, but this is not true at all as beauty is inside every single woman! The thing is to output this beauty in a proper way! Of course it is not easy, it’s tricky, but this is all about photography! Also, very often women do not accept themselves and their bodies; they are scared of a photoshoot; but in my opinion it is one of the best steps to believe in yourself and to accept yourself the way you really are and to give power for changes!



6. What are the most famous polish celebrities you had the pleasure to collaborate with?

Joanna Krupa, Dżaga :) , Edyta i Cezary Pazura, Paulina Biernat, Stefano Terrazzino, Michal Szpak, Krystyna Mazurowna, Ilona Felicjanska

unnamedwmn mxsmwxm            unnamedmxmxmnmxanmx



7. Do you prefer working with famous person known in the polish industry or it does not matter for you if the person you collaborate with is famous or not?

This is not important for me if the person is famous or not because during the shoot everyone needs to be equal. If the atmosphere is loose and fun we have the best results. Thats why I think that even the biggest star on the set needs to be a model not a celebrity. I do not like to prioritize anyone, everyone needs to do their thing and everyone is the same on the set! The key is to work as a team. Always.



8. Do you prefer working with women or men? What is the difference?

I like to work with women the same as with men. Women are more aware of their bodies, and are more demanding…but i like it :) I do love challenges and when a woman tells me truelly what she likes and what she doesn’t! On the other side, shootings with men is much faster …and doing make-up lasts shorter haha :)




9. Have you ever had a situation when the client was not content from the final result of your work?

Of course. I think everyone has. We all have different tastes and sometimes we do not know what is the customers taste…it’s obvious. But the most important is to correct those errors, refine photos and at the very end to hand over to the client whatever he/ she wanted, and to make them happy! I am talking a lot with the customers before and during the shoot to meet their expectations, that’s why i am avoiding many dissapointments. Nevertheless I had some situations when a client was not happy and i needed to correct the photo



10. I think that working with the most beautiful polish women doesn’t do any impressions on you, anymore :) ?

Working with everyone impresses me all the time, because every person is totally different. First of all I need to meet him/her at least a little bit to output all of the beauty of that person and show it on the photos.  So, no matter if i am working with a top model or just with a normal woman I will do everything I can to get terrific and fulminant effects!



11. I need to ask, do you have a girlfriend?

Ahahahahha…… at least you didn’t ask if I have a boyfriend, because before I had some questions like that as well :) No, at the moment I am single. I hate sick jealousy, and unfortunately my work very often makes women jealous. I value trust and i am trusting myself while in the relationship. Jealousy is not necessary :)




12. Have you ever had bed proposals from models?

This is a question without good response :) I do not like stereotypes and gossips about photographers as well as about models and I am fighting with that. Many people think that fashion industry is spoiled and evil……well, ok maybe it is a little bit spoiled and evil, but it’s the same as in other industries in todays world. That’s why we cannot judge the others from the cover! We are all different and everyone acts as he/ she wants to. Of course I had some bed proposals, but it’s a long story and a lot of explanations :)





13. How looks like the atmosphere on the shoot?

It all depends. For example if the client takes part on the set, if there are other people who decide about pictures I need to do, if i am working with a person I already know or with totally new one….. and many, many other factors. Although I am always trying to have as casual atmosphere on the set as possible, even during the biggest stress and anxiety. I do believe in the strenght of attraction. By this I mean that if you are in the good, happy mood then your positivism is influancing for others. Peoples energy and emotions are postitive also :) That’s why good atmosphere helps to make better results. Of course there also needs to be a discipline during the shoot because often the time is limited, but a little bit of a smile, kindness and warmth don’t hurt :)



14. How do you try to relax a model during/ before the shoot? Do you have some proven ways?

Of course I have but I do not wanna tell my all secrets :) The only thing I can tell is that the conversation and psychological approach is the key.



15. How often are you taking holidays from photography? Or maybe you take your camera whenever you are heading to?

Holidays? What is that , haha :) ? I am working  a lot, but I really love what I am doing so I have holidays always and never :) My camera accompanies me anywhere I go, but during my vacations I am trying to limit my reflex camera, and to relax doing other things

10537794_949201338439897_2694034725244963480_n            10484668_933586920001339_5379723581978138586_n


16. You think that you would miss photoshoots, stresses on the set and your cameras if you would give it up, let’s say, for around 6 months?

I cannot immagine such a long break. I was fighting too long not to sit behind offices desk and to do what I really love so I could never stop photography.  It is not only my work and passion but also the way of living.




17. How important is photoshop in your work?

In todays world photoshop is very important for every magazine and print advertisement, so it is also the same important for me. Clients start to be more demanding so sometimes photoshop is just a need.

publikacja 5             publikacja 4


18. What is your favourite editing program? How much time do you spend editing your photos?

Obviously photoshop. It’s hard to say how much time do I need to edit a picture because it all depends from the client. But generally it’s a way more time than people can immagine :)


19. How many pictures during the shoot (more less) can you mannage to do?

There are some sets where I am doing several dozen of photos and it’s enough, and sometimes there are some shoots where I need to do few hundreds of pics. It depends of the level of difficulty, experience of the model, demands of the client and the final amount of photos which you need to hand to the customer




20. Favourite quote?

„you see things and you say WHY(?) But I dream things that never were and I say WHY NOT(?) ” by George Bernard Shaw


21. Do you take some inspirations from other artists?

Yes, I am getting inspired by many artists. I am looking up to many photographers from poland as well as from other countries. But in my opinion the most amasing and inspiring is work of David LaChapelle. He is my inspiration to achieve something in life!

david-lachapelle3            961201_1_AlexanderMcQueen_BurningDowntheHouse2


22. Have you ever had any propositions to move out and work in another country, for example in New York? Don’t you think that working in NY, Milan, Paris or London; the main capitals of fashion; would open more doors for you and you would have the possibility to cooperate with the bests?

Slowly, slowly I got some propositions, but so far nothing payed my attention so much that I would leave everything I have here in Poland and go away. Everything I have done so far  I just worked by my own hands. I didn’t have „backs” in my family neither I know anyone who would help me to arise. I am first one in my family who is working in the fashion industry and showbusiness. Obviously they all support me as much as they can every single day and they believe that I can make it to the top, but „this” world is totally unknown for them. Even because of that reason it would be very hard for me to leave. In case, luckily at the moment I have some trusted friends who would be able to lead and conduct the brands I created while I am not here. In the future I am sure that I want to move abroad because there are much more perspectives and different earnings than in Poland, but what i know for sure is that I will never loose contact with my country and that I will be coming back for some single projects.





23. What is the one thing you wish you knew when started your career as a photographer?

I never look back and do not regret anything I did in my life. I always try to go further, never living the past :)




24. I am very curious, what kind of music do you prefer?

My music style is like my immagination, you really cannot harness it :) I listen to everything as far as I feel good


25. Music inspires you as well?

Yeah! Recently even more often. Lyrics of certain songs inspire me and I have a desire to create a picture describing it



26. And the last one ..5 facts about you people may not know …yet :)

*I am a sleeper ! Even though very often I do not have time for sleeping haha

* Originally I am from Czestochowa, In Warsaw I am living since I was 16. My sister thouh is not living here, she is studying in Oxford. She is very talented as well  

*I believe in friendship between woman and man

* I am self-thought and empiricist. It means that all I have learnt was by experience.

* I was born on the breakthrough of two zodiasc, capricorn and aquarius. I have two natures, one is very calm and silent and the second one is totally crazy. Most people know only this first nature, thats why they think I am calm and silent…but as one of my elementary school professor said, „still water runs deep” ;-)

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10290660_10201942923831420_8485849929621600160_n_Fotor                         1625581_10201550357377504_1447498834_n

Watch out at this guy! Only 20 but he has done a great amount of pictures worth looking up! Under his belt he has 4 international magazines covers which means Egalite Magazine / Mexico, Elegant Magazine/ USA, Acid Base Magazine/ Philippines- USA, Zephyr Magazine/ USA …two saloon shots Creations and Haute Heads, one billboard for Haute Heads and national event Cosmetologie 2014 ! Impressive, huh ? Even more impressive is that he started his photography journey ONE year ago…and this is only the beginning …. a boy from small city in Philippines can also run the world !!




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