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10354247_10204903554645613_2029441199749869590_n  10590622_10204090328995480_7440559964113954475_n

She got a bronze medal at Bikini Fitness Polish National Championships… competing in this category for the first time ever ! Slowly she is getting to the top, recently competed  at the European Cup together with the current World Fitness Bikini Champion, Hanna Garboś. Until recently, Hania was her biggest role model, now they are competing together on the same level. Beautiful and sexy, she used to be a model, but chosed to continue her passion- sport- on the highest level possible! I am presenting an interview with MARTA HORDYJEWSKA, crossfit specialist, personal coach and bikini fitness competitor…



1. Basic question. How did you start your athletic career? tell me your journey…

My life was always connected to sport. I was very lucky, because when I was 6 years old my parents signed me to the sports club called „Lublinianka”, where for many years I practiced swimming. This club created for all of the team a special class in school. This allowed us to train every day. And this experience teached me the discipline. From an early age I developed inside of me kind of „addiction” to the sport. Throughout my whole life I tried multiple sports disciplines. And now I cannot immagine life without sport.

My recent love is a crossfit. I joined the club called „The Box Crossfit Śródmieście” in Warsaw. One day with the team we decided to  promote the club and the crossfit discipline in general by taking part in FITLOOK. We wanted to prove that not only hours in the gym guarantee fit looking body. By taking part in FITLOOK I started my journey with bodybuilding and bikini fitness competitions.

Under his wings took me my long-term friend Arek Michalik. Together we started preparation to competitions and we collaborate ever since :) I felt in love in bodybuilding. Currently I am continuing my workouts, I am preparing for next competitions, I am constantly widening my knowledge and willingly share this knowledge with other competitors and people who want to begin their healthy life journey   .

1920328_10152899973499814_588927244602356676_n   10696398_744125135664920_6287867489780223889_n 

 2. How do you prepare for competitions ?

Currently I am on the strenght training plus aerobic endurance training. And of course significant is diet, diet and diet :)

10353582_654475014629933_9092997989693757249_n   1920170_10205016362065728_9190019566563536469_n

 3. Are you on a constant diet then? Or maybe you have some periods in the season while you allow yourself for some less healthy food?

I am not doing a classic „mass-reduction” diet. I am keeping in a good shape for the whole year ( do not confuse this with my pick-season shape). I am just feeling better with myself this way, I could never be on the classic mass diet. Only 2 months before competitions my diet becomes more strict as this is significant for my body shape.

10612618_10204495666088654_7369554321607065012_n   10464244_10204319009432348_7552704912266249819_n


4.  Nowadays, in media, we can see BOOM for different kinds of diet…those more healthy and those not healthy at all. As a specialist, what would you suggest for a person who wants to start dieting, living healthier lifestyle?

Diet has to be created individually as we are all different entities. The best way is to find an experienced coach/ dietician. He should be fully professional (those obesed dieticians or coaches out of shape – well, think about it :P ) There is NO „miracle diet” ideal and identical for everyone.

10698538_721481097935039_4212917371579866890_n   10649887_10204744469948595_6319861346780139103_n

 5. Also recently, especially among celebrities, popular are freshly made fruit/ vegetable juices. Are you including those in your meal plan?

I do not drink juices. I am just drinking few litres of water daily. I am avoiding fruits as they contain a lot of needless sugar, whereas vegetables I prefer simply crude :)


6.  How looks like your tipical day?

I have a full-time job in a marketing agency, so my day is like: work 9-17, practice and home :) In the evenings I am trying to catch up on my social life, do some typical household duties or just lie down and be lazy. On weekends I have my hardest workouts, cheat day (I started just this month) and all other additional cultural activities. At the end if we have less time we literally have it more.

1960126_10202600368443394_313311876_n   313359_10200599571008712_162128387_n  44457_4962712502595_423923073_n


7. How do you keep up such a hard regime? what helps you?

Conversations with my closest friends. Because of my full time job, hard workouts and psychophysical stress ( at the end I am not indestructible) 2 months before competitions are for me very, very hard so talking with my best friends really helps. And sometimes I simply miss Snickers :)



8.  Also, how do you find motivation to train harder and harder every day? What is your way to keep the motivation at all times?

I have the motivation inside of me. I cannot explain that though….. simply I was born that way. I just know that if I won’t find the motivation inside of me nothing will helps. Even my coach knows that during my hard times I like to complain, but at the end, the next day I will do two times harder workout. When I have some hard times I am looking on photos of the best competitors in the world or even photos of my coach and friends… after that I usually feel the adrenaline and willingness to train harder :)


9. And what would you suggest for a person who does not have such high motivation but would like to find and keep it?

I would suggest to find a good motivator. I am aware of the fact that not everyone has the same internal strenght as I do. Inspiration by other people is really helpful. I often repeat that every one of us starts from zero, and no one is the champion straight away, so we need to move forward, in the way we are satisfied with ourselves. It is also very important to have balance/ rational approach to the subject- I am competing on a professional level so I am kinda extreme case, but I would strongly suggest for everyone simply healthy and active lifestyle.

1453361_10202695995898024_173109488_n  1505458_10202177675596337_774079993_n   1551518_10202218172328730_1119653389_n


10. I read some of your interviews and in one of them you said that „if a woman wants to take part in bodybuilding competitions she should have „commonsensical attitude to the subject”. What does that mean?

Firstly, health is the most important aspect. Pushing your body to the limits just to take part in competition is not a good solution.  Furthermore your life balance. You cannot constantly dieting and working out, it cannot become all of your life because firstly, you will become INTOLERABLE for friends, and secondly at the end you will stay alone……. I am not wishing this to anyone! You just need to know when to say STOP…

946663_10200986555083072_1039284771_n   Dopiesc-swoj-motocykl-5


11. Let’s speak now about THE beauty. What kind of cosmetics are you using on a daily basis?

I am addicted to sweet-smelled cosmetics.When a body lotion, peeling, cream or perfums smell like vanilla, candy-floss, cinnamon or chocolate…I am in heaven :) I am also using highly moisturizing cream and colorful cosmetics as I adore feeling feminine.


12. Are you paying a lot of attention to take care of your hair and skin then?

I have very dry skin so moisturizing, moisturizing and again moisturizing :)


13. What is your total MUST HAVE?

I am addicted to all kind of lip balms, body lotions and hand creams. The prettier smell the better :) I love to test new things. For example I love „Pink Sugar”, Aquolina water, pheromone body lotions like gingery, cinnamon, pina colada….. My total Must Have though is Hypnotic Poison by Dior- very strong and sweet feminine smell.

41xmp5UD0xL   nd.23098


14. Are you interested in fashion?

As every woman does :)


15. So what is your preffered style?

And here we have a „dissonance” between how I prefer to dress, and how it is in a real life because of the comfort. My wardrobe is full of sport clothes and I guess you can see me most often in a casual look. Though… I like to put on my high heels sometimes and feel like a bombshell :)

11595_10204864588591486_2647496339485479658_n   10433861_10204862941070299_8025483718938797591_n


16. What kind of clothing stores are your favorite ones?

I have my favorite designers but because of financial limits I end up buying in popular local stores.


17.  5 things you cannot live without.

Things- so I wont say my family, art, sport…… so i would say my music player, a cup of coffee, bottle of water, my phone, credit card :) But honestly, I am not quite addicted to any personal belongings.


 18. And your plans for next months?

Currently I am still resting, and from february I am starting my preparations to Polish Championships. I have also few private plans but everything is not clear yet :)






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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! And my next interview on the way with the pure beauty- Marta Hordyjewska !

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Hello World,

Sorry for not updating the blog ….. I was in Milan and now I came back to my beautiful, cold Poland !  I am proud of the fact that very recently I started my collaboration with Roma Magazine ( www.romamagazine.eu ) hopefully it will be a long term cooperation and slowly we won’t need to introduce ourselves to anyone :) !!! and …. wish me luck :)

Anyways, I am happy to present my next interview tomorrow with a personal trainer and crossfit queen Marta Hordyjewska ( she used to be a model before )

981573895   10407935_10204766696224238_2090597134942411548_n

 Recently we can see BOOM on healthy living. Sporty clothes, healthy meals and exercises are fashionable now ( which we can see for example on FACEBOOK SELFIES :P  ) Marta is an example of a sporty girl who looks just beautiful and stylish even after her hard workout ;)

10422121_10204218656059573_6197532301106799469_n   1374263_10204229563772259_6242551024816902339_n

her interesting points of view, her beauty, her sexapil, very modern style ……… that’s how she paid my attention :)  Wait until tomorrow …and I am starting to translate the talk .

10612914_762739047113541_74020007771250590_n   10801823_729431597139989_6082420578492046561_n

have a great day x


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Read the interview which I did with extremely talented and smart girl from Cyprus. To fullfill her dreams she moved to London, one of the main fashion capitals!!! Her work you can find on her website www.marysavvidou.com … she collaborates also with Monica Eng who currently lives in Chicago. Monica is also extremely talented and flexible woman as beside photography she is also a filmmaker ……my next interview I am doing with her  ;-)

482869_512973288753963_311660344_n  1234252_214751472018039_1267515807_n


1. First of all tell me how did you start your journey with photography?

I first discovered my love to photography as a teenager, collecting photos of all the things I admired and loved. Having a vision and being able to create and capture it felt really rewarding!

406263_283795298338431_1598040487_n  4e1552504d215


2. What kind of gear are you currently using?

I shoot mostly with my Canon 5d mark ll , but sometimes when I want to shoot using film, i pick up my dads old Olympus om2.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Olympus_OM-2_SP


3. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I am self-taught. I am learning new things using trial and error method and by practice… I always study photographers I admire and am trying to better myself :)

400008_296654530385841_1718678113_n  394815_296657483718879_1035081613_n


4. What kind of studies you finished and what is your working experience so far?

My degree is in psychology and human resources. I also have computer science diploma. I also used to work in media industry for few years as a content acquisition manager/ buyer. I used to have my own model agency in Cyprus for couple of years and at the same time I was working as a freelance photographer.


5. Your main achievements are….?

Setting up the studio in London succesfully,  the strong relationships that we formed with media companies and also some of the awards received in photography competitions.

10583880_307950046031514_7472307261093232190_n  10574419_307950052698180_8924124872510989883_n


6. How would you describe your style?

Energetic, upbeat, honest,  and at times a little bit crazy :)


7. You are originally from Cyprus but currently are living in London. Why did you choose this country and how do you like it over there?

Me and my partner (Monica Eng) were living in two different countries and wanted to find a neutral country so we decided to move out to London. Why London? We both love London and for fashion photography it’s really a good place to be! In the future I would like to try in asian market as well.

428998_312765265441434_1859993730_n  407151_312765355441425_1808954790_n


8. Speaking about photography, what are some main differences between London and Cyprus?

Photography in London is huge in the comparison with Cyprus! In London,  If you want to see an exhibition of your favourite fashion photographer it is just few steps away plus you have huge variety of artists that can influence you there. On the other hand in Cyprus there is very small market in fashion photography :(


9. Can you imagine coming back to Cyprus and living there again ?

After working in London for 2 years now I am not thinking of coming back to Cyprus any time soon. I wouldn’t be happy going back now…maybe when I retire :)

london_2423609b  Cyprus_LIMASSOL_PORT_590c79288400493fb4dffdd836ed5e75


10. And what about economy in London? Is it just enough to work as a photographer full-time?

The economy in London is stable compared to Cyprus. If you work really hard in London you can manage. It just needs patience and time.

523443_432090423508917_364807383_n   563102_432142250170401_522309735_n


11. How looked like your beginnings over there?

I worked with an established photographer the first 6 months and then I got a job in modelling agency (which I still go to ) and at the same time I was working towards setting up the studio.


12. In your opinion, what is the power of photography?

One picture can says more than words. It can actually capture a certain feeling. It can makes you emotional. After discovering Colberts work I was fascinated.


13. During your set, do you have a theme in mind already?

I work with my team and we usually have a moodboard for the story and the colors we are going for.


14. Does art and commerce really coexist?

Of course they do! I believe that you can find art everywhere you look.

10478658_307950089364843_5439423318513682614_n  10480620_307950079364844_4273099684127613452_n


15. Do you have your own studio?

I have a studio called Voch and we are a team of three. You can find this studio in Camden Town.



16. You collaborate with Monica Eng. How did you meet her?

Monica is a special friend. We met few years ago in Cyprus when I was still there. She came from Singapore (she is shingaporean) to shoot for Singaporean Brides and she found me online and asked me to help her to gather a team for her shoot. Since then we collaborate every chance we get.


17. How do you manage to collaborate with her if she lives in Chicago, so far away from you?

I used to see her at least twice a year and we lived together in Cyprus for 6 months so we did few projects together. Now that she lives in Chicago we don’t collaborate so often but we skype for new ideas and feedbacks.

155435_10150807377702095_1338520328_n  574638_10150809663042095_606347947_n


18. I know also that you and Monica have a blog, with concentration of food and new recipes. How is it going?

„Eat with Mary and Monica”. The food blog started because me and Monica were missing singaporean and cypriot food so we started blogging and doing pictures of it whenever we cooked. Usually when I cook I don’t really think of capturing it and we don’t update this blog as often as before.


19. Why food?

We love food :) our Voch team also love to cook :)

Meze3  cyprus_traditional_food  577223_10150795843932095_1008994012_n


20. How do you manage to do so many things at the same time ? full time photographer ..and blogger…that is a lot :)

There is always time if you have passion for something. The blog was created mostly for us and to keep track on some recipes. Instead of writing some recipes in a piece of paper to give it to your friend, you write the blog :)

180434_164482836936345_4258255_n  546567_432099420174684_1639618289_n


21. OK :) Now tell me what on an emotional level photography can makes you feel?

I am emotional in nature. I don’t think many people know this about me but I cry every time I am in a new place and I get fascinated of it’s beauty. Photography is not just a click for me. Its the presense of that particular moment of time. That time is lost after the click..

1176341_214751138684739_1289418765_n  560031_214751148684738_547621085_n


22. How do you built a relationship with the subject you are photographing? what relations are you trying to built with the model?

We always try to know them first.Understand where they are coming from. Which countries have they worked for and what kind of model they want to be. Before the shoot we explain the mood we are going for and we let the model free to show us what she can do. If we think it suits the mood and the story we let the model express herself with little direction. If she is new in the industry then we give her as much direction as possible.



23. Do you try to create an atmosphere during the shoot?

Depends on the project and who the client is. For example if its for a lookbook we prefer the photos to be clean and minimal so that the attention goes to the clothes.

10649936_323666961126489_8346999176897688892_n  1239390_214751315351388_2136740018_n


24. How important is photoshop in your work?

Nowadays photoshop is very important in photography. Especially if you are creating a story through digital manipulation. What we dont do though is to change someones face  but we will retouch colours or create layouts etc.


25. What programs do you use to edit your pictures?

we use photoshop and lightroom

10608793_323031061190079_1765885785405348343_o  10570262_308322509327601_1686880159504276371_n


26. Today everyone can be a photographer. What do you think about this sentence?

I dont believe that everyone can be a photographer. Everyone can take pictures, yes, but careerwise is not for everyone.


27. What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment we are working on a few projects such as commisioned work for some designers and an upcoming fashion magazine which takes most of our time this period.

181195_3973537229812_1614808681_n   543921_3969265363018_1012397210_n


28. Outside of photography, what interests you the most? maybe you have some hidden talents?

Outside photography food interests me a lot, travelling, scuba diving and of course my other passion lies in the film industry which i spent most of my career with. I can play console games quite well. I dont know if this is considered a talent? I can also cook well or thats what they tell me at least.


29. Tell me 5 things you cannot live without :)

Just my dog x5… everything else I can manage

10338389_790983544280307_2204140024314753692_o  1073911_10151761615144265_370019293_o


30.  So maybe 5 facts about you that we may not know?

I love science and especially physics. I am mostly interested about quantum physics and the studies about the universe. I read a lot and watch a lot of documentaries(mostly around history, art, science, nature and politics), i love nature and i get energised and inspired from it. My soft spot are animals. I just cant comprehent the torture that we, humans express on them. I just try my best to help in any way i can.  I am into meditating for relaxing the mind and yoga to keep my body in balance.



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Sorry for the delay but I just arrived to Milan few days ago and need to organize myself …….in the meantime i am doing an interview with TWO EXCELLENT HAIRDRESSERS BASED IN ROME !!!!!!!!


1957887_10152067675878105_394492270_o  10535603_696909450375926_5670694198556272748_o   1661859_10152067680918105_1832001691_n   1978895_10152067680523105_553061553_n


They are part of Gogen Team …… MARCO LAMBERTI AND JERRY DEL DUCA are partners with ALESSANDRO ABEI and together they created GOGEN TEAM ! I had a pleasure to cooperate with them and need to say that i am positively surprised! They really care about you and you hair…nothing is artificial or fake  …

536184_591957494175708_682594764_n  _NRC0974 (1)

I hardly believe we can all learn from them a lot! Determination, passion, real friendship and love is exploding!!!! Honestly , If we would have MORE such people with passion in this world we would be all happy now and ever after ;-) I am not doing this interviews only for myself …i hope that you all will bring something out of it for yourself ! 



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Bea Ruggieri lives in Erba, very close to Milan…this simple girl is always progressing as a model as well as a tattooist. She can be an inspiration to many of us as from having nothing you can actually have everything and be happy :)THUG LIFE !!!


1. How did you find your passion for modelling?

I got contacted by one of the photographers, and after that photoshoot many others contacted me. Now I have about 2-2.5 years experience as an alternative model.


2. What means modelling for you? Is it only your hobby or also some kind of work?

Both. I am very serious about modelling always giving my maximum because I just love it ..


 3. How did you learn how to „move” at front of the camera? or posing came naturally to you?

No one never teached me how to pose. It came to me naturally very slowly….. I don’t think you can really learn it :)


4. How do you find photographers to work with?

I have never contacted any photographer by myself. They call me asking for collaboration


5. Your main achievements.

My main achievements include advertisement photoshoots for Groupon, Hoyer, Voo, Ebay. I also took part in shootings for Custom Magazine, Fotografare or Cronaca Vera.

1606511_238061172984504_3814650988164640715_o 10447100_249242505199704_6735149591501475767_n


6.Do you have any inspirations?

Honestly…. I don’t. Especially in the fashion industry there is no one who inspires me. I want to be ME  always and everywhere. I would say that my inspiration is my lovely grandmother.


7. What was your most exciting or different shooting so far?

I really loved my shooting with a horse. It was a real challenge and was surprisingly hard to pose with a horse as he never wanted to stand in one position :)



8. What is your favourite type of shooting?

I am a nude model, doing alternative photoshoots as well. Those are my favourites :)

1374223_591845504195014_1889945962_n  1464740_607965275916370_875264193_n

 9. Let’s speak about tattoos. Where this passion came from?

I am interested in tattooes since i was 12. I remember when I was just 13 I stressed my parents that I want one :)Later, slowly slowly I got new ones…. many more :)


 10. How your parents react when you add always new tattooes to your rich collection :) ?

I started really early. My first tattoo I done when I was just 14. Obviously my parents didn’t know about this one, and even now they are not very pleased when I do my next tattoo but they never prohibit me anything I want to do with my life!


11. OK I got it :) So in total, how many tattoos you have SO FAR?

I quited counting a while ago, but my favourite is definitely this on my…ass  „THUG LIFE”….And I want to continue doing new ones untill I have empty place on my body :)


 12. Do you have any hidden talents?

Well, I consider myself as a good cook. My friends are telling me that I have a good voice too, but I am too ashamed to sing anywhere besides shower or singing and jumping on my couch :)


13. What is your favourite music then ?

I like pretty much everything from metal to classical music. Anything except commercial, minimal and house music.


 14. And how about your body? How do you keep up in good shape?

I was always pretty skinny. It’s just luck…no sport and no dieting. By the way from time to time sports activity is always a good change :)


15. So if you would have to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love salty things. I can eat pizza and french fries all my life !


 16. What cosmetics are you using on daily basis?

i am not very sophisticated ….I like to use only mascara and sometimes eyeliner. That’s it.


17.And the last one :) any aspirations ? what is your main desire, dream?

I am not very picky, I am a simple girl without any pretensions to life :)  For me enough is to have loving family and my own house plus continuing my progressing work as a tattooist !



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