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Want to get married ?? Or your wedding party is closer and closer … check this out :)

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Today I will speak a little bit about bridal dresses … nowadays it’s so popular topic!! I spoke with the professional, Dublin based owner of  http://www.lailamonroe.com/ . His name is Michael MacMahon and you can easily order the most unique bridal dresses from his website. Laila Monroe is mostly known in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand markets but slowly is getting more attention in Europe as well.They have own designs, but customers can also give their ideas so Laila will do it for you…

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As the very first beginning Michael started his career in the mens fashion business. His fellow friend became head of design at House of Chloe and Givenchy in Paris, and Michael MacMahon founded his Laila Monroe.

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Why bridal dresses? „Bridal dresses are very specialised and expensive item and we believe that each bride is different so she should have the option of buying a custom made high quality dress at an affordable price.”



Those specific subjects- bridal dresses and marriage, are really unpredictable… I needed to ask my speaker what wedding dress trends will we see for 2015. As a specialist he said that „Fashion is an industry and it creates new „trends” every year so that they sell more product. The bottom line is creating profit! Fashion leaders dictate the latest „trend” and millions of people follow their lead. This is fine as most people like to have fresh new looks and for some, shopping is an obsession. However, for bridal trends, it’s a bit different. For example, in general fashion terms, colours and fabrics as well as styles are constantly changing, sometimes dramatically. But in the bridal space, changes are slower and more subtle. In general terms, most wedding dresses are still white or ivory with a few variations. Many styles are timeless. While softer fabrics, lace and vintage has been more prominent in recent years, the most important thing for any bride to consider is not what the current trends are but what style suits her figure best. So for 2015, Laila Monroe will be introducing some new styles using soft flowing fabrics that are very elegant but also some tight fitting sexy styles. What we hope is that brides will understand that even if she loves a particular dress, it might not be the one for her because as we always say, each bride is an individual and should pick what suits her best and not to try to follow any perceived trend.” If you are interested in buying a dress from Laila Monroe Collection, CHARLIE, ALINA and ERVINA are one of Michaels favourites. Worth attention are also dresses KHYM, KATIE, ALBINA and ALFINA.

abina  charlie  eening dress1  melanie


I was very curious if Michael BELIEVES IN MARRIAGE. His response was very clear and true. ” I believe in LOVE and that each person/ couple is different. If love is built on real friendship and both people feel that they want to commit themselves to a life-long relationship, then as long as they are happy with that- that’s OK. I am not very conventional person but I can see benefits where children are involved that it is better for them to have support from TWO parents rather than one but, each case is different. However, I do not believe in some of the marriage vows (” till death do us apart” etc. ) as they are not really relevant. Nobody gets married with the intention of getting a divorce so the marriage vows should refflect „reality”. So all in all, I believe in love and I believe in marriage. However, marriage is not for everybody and some people would better not to get married while for someit’s everything their lives are about”.

marriage  brokenmarriage2   no-marriage-game-over


Beautiful said, those sentences pretty much summed up everything …. I talked also with some of my friends about what they think of getting married. Most of them just agreed that marriage is NOT for everybody. The oldest would say though that marriage is a TRADITION; but younger generation slowly departs from this shame…. some had bad experience with their EX, some are scared of the BOOM of getting divorced or simply they just don’t know… Many of YOU probably will not agree with me, but personally I don’t believe in marriage. This is just a piece of paper, right ? and the matrymony you mosty do for your friends…..it’s better to go on ONE MONTH UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE with your partner :) Anyways, all of us have choices and we pick the best ones to be just happy ….life is definitely too short to be sad, or be uncertain… just go for it and do anything what makes you better and happier. Period :)



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