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Today i am presenting another interview with very sophisticated, exotic and emotional model from Belarus.ALEKSANDRA YUN has russian-korean heritage, which gaves her an unique and specific look. She tries to use her talent fully never ashamed of her body at front of the camera…. which gaves her a lot of beautiful photos up to half nude, nude and met art stiles! I waited to post the interview a bit of a time as she was in Dubai for a shooting…. and now I am happy to present it today. Nowadays models are more creative and OPEN for doing half-nude or nude photoshoots, which is of course a way better payed…… well, enjoy :)

need_interesting_title_by_saju90-d76jbpv   relaxing_by_saju90-d6vqcax

1. First of all, tell me something about yourself. What are your educational backgrounds?

My name is Aleksandra Yun, better known as Saju90. I am 24 years old. I was born in a small town in Belarus but i have korean- russian heritage and that is where my exotic look comes from. I studied 4 years in medical university and then switched to psychology and get my diploma in this field. I really enjoy studying peoples actions and emotions.

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2. And what about modelling. How did you start?

A friend of mine saw something exotic in me and how i was moving at front of the camera. He suggested to create a modeling profile online to see if my photos will get attention from photographers and it actually was a lot of interests shown in first few months :) He also helped me with first and all following bookings and shoots.


3. Was it hard to combine your education with modelling? Especially as you studied such hard majors as medicine and psychology

It was hard but with good support from friends and understanding of my family, my mom and my sister, everything goes smoother.

explosion_by_saju90-d63qf0a  ba27197fd1bf840b98b86b62b77d3d8e

4.  Do you get a lot of attention from international photographers? Which countries have you visited so far?

Yes i travel a lot , i spend more time in other countries than at home. Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Germany, Holland, Maldives, Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, Malaysia, Angola …just to name the few :)


5. Where is your favourite place to travel?

Hmm so far i would say Hong Kong and Malaysia…

7cc1b71c15e09c06a94582f2650f7d67  2_is_always_better_then_one____hot_set_by_saju90-d4i1s7x

6. You are very experienced international model then. You do a lot of nude photoshoots. There are of course many PSEUDO PHOTOGRAPHERS who just like to use girls for their sexual preferences. Are you not scared of going for shootings sometimes?

I never go alone for a shooting if a photographer does not have references. If he doesn’t accept my friend being on a shoot I just don’t go ( but usually they accept it). I also get references from my model friends.


7. Have you ever had any sexual proposals from any of your photographers?

Sexual poses on the bed are not awkward for me BUT I had a situation when the photographer came to the bed and I felt this „message” from him. The shooting ended straight away, because it was not a very nice situation. That is the reason I always go with a friend when I shoot with an unknown photographer. 

89cd75667588f87c6d40502695ce51d1  daaa508cad37567d4bf6f40b95f1e971

8. You mostly do nude photoshoots. Was it something intimidating at first?

The only intimidating thing on the shoot is how I will look on that photo :) But I think there is nothing to be ashamed of in nude shoots. Nude body is beautiful and it’s „made” to be shown and enjoyed by people.


9. How do you prepare yourself for a shooting?

Well it’s a long process, takes around 2 hours because of my hair. It really takes a lot of time to wash them, take care of them and later to dry them off. Most of the time i do make up by myself so the rest of the time i spend doing it.


10. Describe the usual atmosphere on the shoot. Do you play music, talk with the photographer between shoots?

Yes i like to play music during the shoot , rest depends from the photographer. Most of them prefer to stay focused to get nice scene and settings and they shoot while i move and pose. I personally prefer those who like to speak and tell stories about their life and experience.

Untitled-8  unnamed

11. Do you like watching yourself on the photos?

Yes, and I do select photos personally for my profiles and portfolio.If i don’t like them, no one can makes me to use it on my sedcard…

Cover Erotika  You_are_so_beautiful 

12. Who is your favourite photographer so far?

Work with Daniel Fehr aka Dan( www.artofdan.com ).We have very good connection and we both feel each others during the shoot. My best photos came from our sessions.We have done about 30 workshops where i was a model and he was a leading photographer PLUS about 50 shoots in one on one with him.


13. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

DO NOT TRY to make uncomfortable poses, just be yourself and follow your intuition during the shoot. Relax, don’t smile for no reason because fake smiles look so bad on artnude photos.

ariel_guardian_angel_by_saju90-d683w1a   x_factor_by_saju90-d5uhrbs

14. How do you take care of yourself? Do you do any sports, have special diet?

I go to the gym at least 4-5 times per week but only to keep in good form. I  eat oatmeal kasha every morning but during the lunch i can easily eat big steak, chicken or fish ( during my lunch I can eat more than some guys :P  )… And in the evening I usually get a yogurt, salad or something similar.


15. Favourite cosmetics which would you recommend to my readers.

In 90% I use Clinique for my skin. For my hair I use a lot of different cosmetics but I give priority to Marlies Moller. It is expensive but worth for me every single cent.

1451873_fpx.tif  marliesmoeller5-2008

16. Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

classy, stylish, serious, unpredictable, secretive :)


17. And the last question, the easiest one :) Interesting facts about you (not necessarily regarding modelling) that people may not know yet .

I like reading a lot , i like some action and science-fiction movies, for example last part of Transformers or Avengers (so special effects and very nice sense of humor!) From time to time i need adrenaline in my blood to restart my body like bungiejumping, shooting real guns, riding horse  etc.







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