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Who can explain us the real experience at New York Fashion Week if not one of the designers who actually showcased there????  This guys name is Dario Mohr and this was his second participation at NYFW !!! I had some quick questions to him, with curiosity asking about his thoughts.


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What was your Spring/ Summer 2015 collection?

I created one collection from my line Daft Minerva which showcased half and half of at both of my initial NYFW  showcases -Fashion Gallery Menswear Collective in Helen Mills event Space on the 4th and MINT on 14th st on the 6th. Then I showcased my other line BuddhaHood at 2 showcases; Subvert NYFW Fashion and Juried Art show and The Premier Desigber Collective of Harlem, which my production company in collaboration with D’evolution Productions produced. The latter showcase featured all new T shirts from the limited edition Mandala series from the BuddhaHood line, and I also unveiled a new line in collaboration with David Acala called D&D Contemporary Clothing at the Harlem Showcase as well.



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What made you different and unique?

My Daft Minerva Collection was more summery with beach inspired colors introducing sky blue and copper into the color pallet of the line with familiar elements such as studs and spikes. This collection was in collaboration with Redd Merge Accessories throughout NYFW. The BuddhaHood collections featured the BuddhaHats with graphic Ts and dresses 


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What other collection you liked the most?

I enjoyed MINT’s collection by Diarra Bousso who showcased modern african designed women’s wears and bridalwear. I also really enjoyed Lewellyn who presented graphic printed african inspired Mens and womenswear.



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Was it very competitive this year?

It’s always a selection process from the coordinators. I luckily already knew about my show at Fashion Gallery (in collaboration with Figgie Shoes by Deborah Thompson and with jewelery provided by Redd  Merge Accessories) months in advance but didn’t know about my second showcase opening for MINT by Diarra Bousso until during NYFW (a few  days before the show) which was very exciting! Then to be able to call the shots on the creative direction of a fashion show I decided to step into new territory with 2 NYFW showcases produced by my production company AnhkLave Mind Media in collaboration with D’Evolution Productions.



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What did you learn from this years Fashion Week?

This was my second NYFW showcase for Daft Minerva and first for BuddhaHood. It was also the first time that I have organized NYFW showcases. Of the 4 showcases I exhibited in I organized 2 of them and it had its fair share of challenges but we must have done something right as we were invited back o showcase NYFW at the Harlem Library again next season.   Fashion is starting to promote fitness, and there is a huge trend right now towards chic athletic wear- for people who want to look like they just worked out…are people in the United States also started to promote healthy living so much? US in general is more sporty then European fashion but I do notice a notable upgrade in athletic apparel over the years and i just attribute it to pop culture and the media having gaining more prevalence to the point that trendy fashion is being pushed in unlikely demographics, all age ranges and lifestyle choices. Healthy living is one of my favorite trends and I’m glad that nourishing ones self has become so trendy.

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My next interview I did with an EXTRAORDINARY talented guy from New York! His portfolio is very rich with achievements in art (speaking in general! ). Dario Mohr is an Exhibiting Fine Artist, Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Caricaturist, Graphic Designer, And Fashion Designer. He is in the process of Establishing his Dario Mohr Fine Arts DBA with companies under the umbrella including Psychonautical INKorperated, Mischief Men Comics, Daft Minerva Fashion, BuddhaHood Threads and Nescient Profits Greeting Card Company ( BEAT IT!!! ) He is aiming for MORE ! More extraordinary, more unique, more special !!! His designs are hand painted and hand embellished….and can be worn backwards and frontwards!!!!

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He also paints. Years of practice and additional courses helped him to exhibit his work to many galleries and art festivals including Curtain Up exhibit, Cosmopolitan Gallery, College Street Gallery, Music Is Art Festival, Allen West Festival just to name the few :) He is never stopping always dedicating himself to the ART. Uniqueness and difference is something which distinguishes Dario from other artists! Check out his personal website,  www.dariomohr.com, to to find out more about his drawings and paintings! You will be surprised how many wonderful paintings he has under his belt!


Tomorrow You will have the possibility to find out his story…. This interview really inspired me to do more intensively what I am aiming for :)

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