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Looking at this years fashion weeks I am positively surprised! Boyish style is still on top!!! Fashion started to appreciate the power of fitness, and as Fashion News Director from ELLE magazine said, „there is a huge trend right now towards chick athletic wear- for people who work out and for people who want to look like they just worked out.”

27ba2c89e08755e6f1d06a4b2a54f28b  bjorn-borg-fashion-week-stockholm-sweden-2015-spring-summer-womens-first-person-lover-video-game-tennis-sportswear-shorts-crop-top-hot-pants-leggings-05x  1.-ORIZZONTALE

Fashion revolution started, gym-to-the-street style clothing are now trendy …we do not need to be ashamed anymore that we are working out! Top designers took inspiration in SS 20015 collection from sportswear, nature and eclectic pattern, which means HUGE ENERGY brought to the clothes!

henrik-vibskov-ss-15  preen_3040626a  roksanda_3040625a

Personally, I just loved the TOPSHOP COLLECTION! Cara Delevingne was the main star in that show…. the clothes are so colorful and sporty-look-like. I would wear every single outfit from that collection :)

Topshop_Unique_spring_summer_2015_collection_London_Fashion_Week2  Topshop_Unique_spring_summer_2015_collection_London_Fashion_Week3   topshop-unique-runway-london-fashion-week-ss15-1  malaika_topshop_ss15_lfw_new_york_models

Also, MOSCHINO impressed me … Blonde ladies triumphed  :)  with guys looked a little bit like clowns in pajamas :)

Moschino_spring_summer_2015_collection_Milan_Fashion_Week2  Moschino-SpringSummer-2015-Menswear-London-Fashion-Week-2

Wothed attention was VERSACE COLLECTION… very elegant with the domination of black ! Anja Rubik, the polish top model looked gorgeous in that show!!!

versus-versace-2015-spring-summer-runway-show15-600x900  Versus_Anthony_Vaccarello_RTW_SS15_NY_0573_14101  Anthony-Vaccarello-X-Versus-Versace-35 tumblr_nbllr8IXoP1rsst3uo3_500

All in All it is all about mixing everything…with more relaxed attidude; big flowers with small ones, elegance with sport, loose blouses, wide-legged trousers ….. everything is permitted so DO NOT LIMIT YOURSELF THIS SEASON !

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Read the interview which I did with extremely talented and smart girl from Cyprus. To fullfill her dreams she moved to London, one of the main fashion capitals!!! Her work you can find on her website … she collaborates also with Monica Eng who currently lives in Chicago. Monica is also extremely talented and flexible woman as beside photography she is also a filmmaker ……my next interview I am doing with her  ;-)

482869_512973288753963_311660344_n  1234252_214751472018039_1267515807_n


1. First of all tell me how did you start your journey with photography?

I first discovered my love to photography as a teenager, collecting photos of all the things I admired and loved. Having a vision and being able to create and capture it felt really rewarding!

406263_283795298338431_1598040487_n  4e1552504d215


2. What kind of gear are you currently using?

I shoot mostly with my Canon 5d mark ll , but sometimes when I want to shoot using film, i pick up my dads old Olympus om2.

Canon EOS 5D Mark II  Olympus_OM-2_SP


3. How do you educate yourself to take better pictures?

I am self-taught. I am learning new things using trial and error method and by practice… I always study photographers I admire and am trying to better myself :)

400008_296654530385841_1718678113_n  394815_296657483718879_1035081613_n


4. What kind of studies you finished and what is your working experience so far?

My degree is in psychology and human resources. I also have computer science diploma. I also used to work in media industry for few years as a content acquisition manager/ buyer. I used to have my own model agency in Cyprus for couple of years and at the same time I was working as a freelance photographer.


5. Your main achievements are….?

Setting up the studio in London succesfully,  the strong relationships that we formed with media companies and also some of the awards received in photography competitions.

10583880_307950046031514_7472307261093232190_n  10574419_307950052698180_8924124872510989883_n


6. How would you describe your style?

Energetic, upbeat, honest,  and at times a little bit crazy :)


7. You are originally from Cyprus but currently are living in London. Why did you choose this country and how do you like it over there?

Me and my partner (Monica Eng) were living in two different countries and wanted to find a neutral country so we decided to move out to London. Why London? We both love London and for fashion photography it’s really a good place to be! In the future I would like to try in asian market as well.

428998_312765265441434_1859993730_n  407151_312765355441425_1808954790_n


8. Speaking about photography, what are some main differences between London and Cyprus?

Photography in London is huge in the comparison with Cyprus! In London,  If you want to see an exhibition of your favourite fashion photographer it is just few steps away plus you have huge variety of artists that can influence you there. On the other hand in Cyprus there is very small market in fashion photography :(


9. Can you imagine coming back to Cyprus and living there again ?

After working in London for 2 years now I am not thinking of coming back to Cyprus any time soon. I wouldn’t be happy going back now…maybe when I retire :)

london_2423609b  Cyprus_LIMASSOL_PORT_590c79288400493fb4dffdd836ed5e75


10. And what about economy in London? Is it just enough to work as a photographer full-time?

The economy in London is stable compared to Cyprus. If you work really hard in London you can manage. It just needs patience and time.

523443_432090423508917_364807383_n   563102_432142250170401_522309735_n


11. How looked like your beginnings over there?

I worked with an established photographer the first 6 months and then I got a job in modelling agency (which I still go to ) and at the same time I was working towards setting up the studio.


12. In your opinion, what is the power of photography?

One picture can says more than words. It can actually capture a certain feeling. It can makes you emotional. After discovering Colberts work I was fascinated.


13. During your set, do you have a theme in mind already?

I work with my team and we usually have a moodboard for the story and the colors we are going for.


14. Does art and commerce really coexist?

Of course they do! I believe that you can find art everywhere you look.

10478658_307950089364843_5439423318513682614_n  10480620_307950079364844_4273099684127613452_n


15. Do you have your own studio?

I have a studio called Voch and we are a team of three. You can find this studio in Camden Town.



16. You collaborate with Monica Eng. How did you meet her?

Monica is a special friend. We met few years ago in Cyprus when I was still there. She came from Singapore (she is shingaporean) to shoot for Singaporean Brides and she found me online and asked me to help her to gather a team for her shoot. Since then we collaborate every chance we get.


17. How do you manage to collaborate with her if she lives in Chicago, so far away from you?

I used to see her at least twice a year and we lived together in Cyprus for 6 months so we did few projects together. Now that she lives in Chicago we don’t collaborate so often but we skype for new ideas and feedbacks.

155435_10150807377702095_1338520328_n  574638_10150809663042095_606347947_n


18. I know also that you and Monica have a blog, with concentration of food and new recipes. How is it going?

„Eat with Mary and Monica”. The food blog started because me and Monica were missing singaporean and cypriot food so we started blogging and doing pictures of it whenever we cooked. Usually when I cook I don’t really think of capturing it and we don’t update this blog as often as before.


19. Why food?

We love food :) our Voch team also love to cook :)

Meze3  cyprus_traditional_food  577223_10150795843932095_1008994012_n


20. How do you manage to do so many things at the same time ? full time photographer ..and blogger…that is a lot :)

There is always time if you have passion for something. The blog was created mostly for us and to keep track on some recipes. Instead of writing some recipes in a piece of paper to give it to your friend, you write the blog :)

180434_164482836936345_4258255_n  546567_432099420174684_1639618289_n


21. OK :) Now tell me what on an emotional level photography can makes you feel?

I am emotional in nature. I don’t think many people know this about me but I cry every time I am in a new place and I get fascinated of it’s beauty. Photography is not just a click for me. Its the presense of that particular moment of time. That time is lost after the click..

1176341_214751138684739_1289418765_n  560031_214751148684738_547621085_n


22. How do you built a relationship with the subject you are photographing? what relations are you trying to built with the model?

We always try to know them first.Understand where they are coming from. Which countries have they worked for and what kind of model they want to be. Before the shoot we explain the mood we are going for and we let the model free to show us what she can do. If we think it suits the mood and the story we let the model express herself with little direction. If she is new in the industry then we give her as much direction as possible.



23. Do you try to create an atmosphere during the shoot?

Depends on the project and who the client is. For example if its for a lookbook we prefer the photos to be clean and minimal so that the attention goes to the clothes.

10649936_323666961126489_8346999176897688892_n  1239390_214751315351388_2136740018_n


24. How important is photoshop in your work?

Nowadays photoshop is very important in photography. Especially if you are creating a story through digital manipulation. What we dont do though is to change someones face  but we will retouch colours or create layouts etc.


25. What programs do you use to edit your pictures?

we use photoshop and lightroom

10608793_323031061190079_1765885785405348343_o  10570262_308322509327601_1686880159504276371_n


26. Today everyone can be a photographer. What do you think about this sentence?

I dont believe that everyone can be a photographer. Everyone can take pictures, yes, but careerwise is not for everyone.


27. What projects are you currently working on?

At the moment we are working on a few projects such as commisioned work for some designers and an upcoming fashion magazine which takes most of our time this period.

181195_3973537229812_1614808681_n   543921_3969265363018_1012397210_n


28. Outside of photography, what interests you the most? maybe you have some hidden talents?

Outside photography food interests me a lot, travelling, scuba diving and of course my other passion lies in the film industry which i spent most of my career with. I can play console games quite well. I dont know if this is considered a talent? I can also cook well or thats what they tell me at least.


29. Tell me 5 things you cannot live without :)

Just my dog x5… everything else I can manage

10338389_790983544280307_2204140024314753692_o  1073911_10151761615144265_370019293_o


30.  So maybe 5 facts about you that we may not know?

I love science and especially physics. I am mostly interested about quantum physics and the studies about the universe. I read a lot and watch a lot of documentaries(mostly around history, art, science, nature and politics), i love nature and i get energised and inspired from it. My soft spot are animals. I just cant comprehent the torture that we, humans express on them. I just try my best to help in any way i can.  I am into meditating for relaxing the mind and yoga to keep my body in balance.



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My next talk I had with very talented photographer originally from Nicosia in Cyprus. Currently she lives in London for two years now and really loves it !!! I did a shooting with her while in London. Mary founded in june 2013 VOCH studio, based in Camden Town area and there is a group of 2 harismatic and very talented young people collaborating with her! I really had fun and felt very comfortable during our shoot!

406263_283795298338431_1598040487_n  199007_172500532801242_3511735_n   408111_296654823719145_1257802466_n

Mary also had VOCH Models agency while in Cyprus…and Vochs models had clients like MUST magazine, Cosmopolitan, Madame Figaro, Omikron, Status Magazine, Beautiful People…just to name the few :)


In the interview we were talking about collaboration with her working partner, Monica Eng, who lives in Chicago and about living/ working in London, in general …….. CHECK THIS OUT <3

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10527292_10203627720961279_2181516102829085410_n  10464032_694864387246289_5433235617977814275_n

I did this interview a little bit different than last time….I asked Marco and Jerry exactly the same questions ….let’s see how differs their  point of view :) During the interview they spend their holidays in different parts of the world ….Marco in Crete with Alessandro Abei …and Jerry in Ibiza.


1. How did you find your passion?

Marco: Honestly, I was always passionate about hair styling and my talent grew since I was very young. After I finished my obligatory school I started to work as a hairdresser. I remember that as a kid I used to go with my mother to her hair salon where she did her hair. I was so fascinated about the fact that every time after the visits she was so beautiful! I observed how those professionals washed, styled and cut her hair. To watch it was just tremendous for me!!!

Jerry: Since I was very young I was very fascinated and impressed in people who do this profession. After obligatory school I started to create myself as a stylist by attending to the best international academies. When my hands are touching someones hair my passion exploses…and the challenge begins :)

10492411_10204034143961600_4571121344214375067_n  1908066_10204034153521839_4055065276460910193_n


2. What your inspirations come from?

Marco:  My inspirations are unpredictable really :) Even though I am one of the directors of Gogen Team, I always consult my ideas with them. I strongly believe that determination and consequence is the key in everything you do!

Jerry: The art of this profession gives you possibility to take inspirations from everything around you. For example from architecture design, nature, roads and from everything what influence masses becomes fashion.

Gogen-Parrucchieri-Concept-Gogen-Burlesque-6  1509856_10152067680848105_527147128_n


 3. Your style is so out of normal, unique and tremendous :) let’s say it is very extraordinary. How this style has changed over the years of practice?

Marco: Thank you :) I think that you can do extraordinary things by putting together all the ingredients like passion, professionalism, love and knowledge. Our Gogen Team is open for changes and news, we anticipate everything what brings new season. We brought lot of changes to the hair fashion world ourselves but we also hear some criticism because of our extraordinary and cutting edge style. BUT all of the experience, this good and bad ones, just create us and built us stronger! We are known internationally which gives us a lot of satisfaction and motivation :)

Jerry: Our style is known by multiple journalists, we own a magazine with avant-garde style called GOGEN. We constantly provide advice and new information about cutting techniques to our stylists who work for Gogen.Therefore so far with 10 years of experience together we are successfully progressing all the time.


 Cattura (2)  1378693_561657167262137_1208789352_n

 4. Marco, You are from Salerno. Why Rome then?

Marco: I was born in Switzerland but my parents are Italians. I learnt my profession in Salerno though. I have my 80 m2 hair salon over there called Gogen Lambretti and is led by six fantastic professionals! Frequently I am coming to Rome where we have our main academy and some more hair salons.



5. How did you meet each others?

Marco: I was really lucky to meet Alessandro Abei and Jerry del Duca. I have sheared many successes with them. Moreover we are partners of OVER SRL. Alessandro used to be my coach until the end of 90′s. He prepared me through famous PROJECT GEO which later became „the bible” of Gogen Team. On the other hand I met Jerry while he was looking for a job as a coach of younger prospective talents. We are sharing big emotions and feelings together as a team and we are huge friends outside of work as well

Jerry: This was a real privilage to meet them. They are really special in both contexts; as professionals and as friends outside of work. When I came back from London I opened 2 salons and was looking to create something special. I think that we are on the right road…


10478943_10203988101530568_7753066453124905340_n  10487371_820419731310918_9119532864506904162_n


6. Why did you decide to become partners?

Marco: It was natural process to create something unique. Inside Gogen Team we share our emphaty, ability to exchange our ideas  and what is the most important – we have the ability to listen to each others! All of us are ingredients in creating Gogen: Alessandro is the wise visionary, Marco deals with technology and Jerry is an assembler, taking care of the final effects.

Jerry:Simply because we have the same objectives.



7. When I met you, I just felt this positive energy flowing out of you…always :) ! How do you keep this energy at all times? what is the secret ?

Marco: This energy what you are talking about flows from a huge passion and dedication that I am putting to this splendid profession! I set goals for myself and patiently wait. I am also very happy to share my knowledge with other prospective talents.

Jerry: My secret? I just love the things I do! To create right form for the hair is like adding some nice accessory to your dress. And this searching to create something special gives me new stimulations.


10606188_10203997874174878_3783964236847925387_n  10616048_10203988078649996_6733165774853417733_n


8. Changing the subject a little bit, what would you suggest to use for my very damaged hair?

Marco: Todays world is full of hair products but what counts is the quality. As a professional hairdresser I believe that hair have the soul. Our Gogen team is using Revlon professional products but I think that for having strong and healthy hair you need to pass a certain process. First of all you need to prevent the damage because later it may be too late. You also need to use proper hair products which work for you the best. During our shootings where geometrical lines are the most importan i try not to use many products as it can make your hair looking heavier.

Jerry: This question has many answers and I could talk few days about this argument :))) Cosmetics world is full of hair products. Example you have products responsible for keeping healthy your roots, there are different types of oils or conditioners ligter ones from the others… I would just suggest to choose your hairdresser and trust him. For sure he will pick right products for you.


10599361_10203988075409915_4258284269093294357_n  Gogen-Parrucchieri-Concept-Gogen-DejaVu-1


9. Whats the most entertaining thing for you in being a stylist?

Marco: As a stylist and hairdresser I want that every woman feels good in her age, even if she is 100 years old! The most important is satisfaction of the client, and improvement in our work. Gogen has very unique and geometrical style with a lot of fantasy, technique and some combinations of styles which are incomparable. This is the thing which distinguish us from the others :)

Jerry: Haircut for me is something you must wear properly based from your lifestyle. Its like dressing a soul of a woman that will wear it. That’s what I like in being a stylist. My work alouds me to feel those deep emotions.



10. Do you have any style icon?

Marco: You won’t believe me, but I really do not have just a one icon. I never wanted and will never want to have just one as the world is changing all the time so I do not want to look only in one direction. I like BEAUTY in general, so my icons can differ every year, with every style and with every change :)

Jerry: I do not have specific icons. I prefer to be inspired by music and art in general.


10380981_10204034167202181_8134061001320877798_n  10154928_10152067682273105_1788957687_n


11. What is most unforgettable moment in your career ?

Marco: I had so many those moments. But two moments really stucked in my mind: the victory of AL INTER CHARM OF MILAN ( VISIONARY AWARD ITALY OF 2011) and later I took part in Alternative Hair show in Royal Albert Hall in London. In this event I won an International Visionary Award. I still remember when Anthony Mascolo and Tony Rizzo told my name out loud. I just exploded! Even now I have goose bums while speaking about it :)

Jerry: I have many such moments. But the most memorable was our participation in Alternative Hair Show in Londons Albert Hall. I still feel goose bums. For many years I was just a viewer in this show, but in 2012 showing Legend Woman Collection I was one of the main actors :)



12. Don’t you think that working in America would improve your qualification skills?

Marco: I know that as a hairdresser on my level I could work in many parts of the world. BUT I believe that being on top does not mean you need to move out to another country. Its just the same in New York, Rome, Salerno or other cities. It all depends from your attitude and being consistent and serious in everything you do!

Jerry: We are very bust here in Italy. Gogen Team doesn’t have boundaries or limits so maybe one day you will interview us in one of those fashion locals in Green Village :)

10612800_10203997871334807_9031411521563390199_n 10632804_10204034163762095_5296106946962116780_n


13. What is your next project that you currently are working on?

Both : Our next project, as a Gogen Team, is called EQUILIBRIUM. This is an alternative hair show and will takes place in London at the beginning of October.



14. And the last one ;) 5 interesting facts about you that people may not know …

Marco: Let’s just say that I am one of this kind of people who does not like to demonstrate his success so much. I really want that people know me for who I am. All of us have some defects, including me, but I try not to demonstrate anything…and to be positive in life ;-)

Jerry: I dedicate myself to my passion, sport, reading books, my lovely dogs or good wine with good food … Only few people know me …. i am a top secret guy :)

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Sorry for the delay but I just arrived to Milan few days ago and need to organize myself …….in the meantime i am doing an interview with TWO EXCELLENT HAIRDRESSERS BASED IN ROME !!!!!!!!


1957887_10152067675878105_394492270_o  10535603_696909450375926_5670694198556272748_o   1661859_10152067680918105_1832001691_n   1978895_10152067680523105_553061553_n


They are part of Gogen Team …… MARCO LAMBERTI AND JERRY DEL DUCA are partners with ALESSANDRO ABEI and together they created GOGEN TEAM ! I had a pleasure to cooperate with them and need to say that i am positively surprised! They really care about you and you hair…nothing is artificial or fake  …

536184_591957494175708_682594764_n  _NRC0974 (1)

I hardly believe we can all learn from them a lot! Determination, passion, real friendship and love is exploding!!!! Honestly , If we would have MORE such people with passion in this world we would be all happy now and ever after ;-) I am not doing this interviews only for myself …i hope that you all will bring something out of it for yourself ! 



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1. Dario, please tell me something more about yourself.

I am from New York, Cali and MA. My mother is Grenadian ( with carob and East Indian origin ) and my father is Italian and Austrian. Also, I went to Buffalo State Collage.


2. How did you get into design? is it your full time job?

have been exhibiting fine artist for years and ended up collaborating on my first line BuddhaHood in 2012 and then created my own line Draft Minerva the same year 2012

1235466_507411469344570_1540335798_n  993359_499421960143521_1671779843_n


3. And what about your main achievements?

I have collaborated with OMI Rodriguez on BuddhaHood, and with David Acala on D&D fashion


4. Does your friends ask you about some advice regarding what to wear etc. ?

Yes they do, and I tell them to wear independent brands (small business) or shop t thrift shops (not very expensive but good quality ) which is what I do. My brand is independent so mine are encouraged by default.

10547466_671978326221216_8537309337976707270_n  1897821_10151919292011510_75153728_n

5. What is your personal style?

I don’t shop for myself very often at the moment but I would go for the cultural, unique and unusual.


6. Are there any kind of clothing you avoid wearing?

Big labels!


7. What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your designs?

Sacred geometry and fractals?


8. What does that mean?

I love the different colored buildings dotted along the green hills of Grenada along with the colorful people and wild flowers and fruits. The people are very beautiful as well.



9. Who inspires you the most in your work?

My mom because she has always been a huge fan of fashion!


10. If you could live the life of another designer for a day, who would it be and why?

Alexander McQueen before his passing to witness the flood and of genius at the advent of new concept

alexander_mcqueen_8908_north_990x  alexander-mcqueen-showstudio


11. Have you ever visited countries beside the U.S.? Did you find something unique and interesting over there?

Just islands on the Caribbean and Canada. I need to go to Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and South Africa in that order.


12. How come in that order?

I would like to visit where human civilization apparently began (Africa) and then enrich myself with the other continents before I come correct with my experiences infused in my art to bring to the table in Europe

65906_429893000429751_257888643_n  150792_428258540593197_64775314_n  862427_10152621870185381_505797509_n


13. Europe is the main capital of fashion…we have London, Milan, Paris…anything inspires you from there?

The fashion is to another level out there. They also utilize dark skinned models in the industry more frequently which is also appealing to me.


14. For you, what are some main differences between Europe and America?

America is a bit more commercial and ready to wear generally



15. What are you most proud of in your life and work?

My One Man Art exhibits and my showcasing in 3 New York Fashion Week shows next month.


16. What is so unique in your clothes?

I cannot tell you all my secrets but they are one of a kind works of fine art :)


17. What made you take fashion more seriously and make a career out of it?

Witnessing opportunities come my way telling me it’s what I should be pursuing right now as an artist.



18. How is your work received internationally?

Well you are an international Blogger so this interview certainly gives me down credibility. I look forward to branching more into these markets next year!!


19. What advice would you give to a prospective designer who just starts in the industry?

don’t get caught up in the trends. Just trust what you have that unique to bring to the table and carve out your signature .

1969200_631541463591164_986339932_n 10384848_804141912954119_2064900073866839419_n 10359012_655382087873768_1871503946140911723_o 10277102_655381274540516_1836700450957958603_n

20. 5 facts about you that people may not know:

1) I began my artistic career as a cartoonist and have over a thousand original copy written cartoons. These have influenced my career as a fine artist and desigener

2) I’m a Model for Smart Management

3) My graphic designer/ digital art alter ego „Apophenic Graphics” is the basis behind my first line BuddhaHood which are graphic printed clothing, which later inspired Daft Minerva

4) I did not go to fashion school. I just used what has inspired me in life and channel it into my work

5) I am a poet


21. Goals for the next season?

Showcasing Paris Fashion Week, Milan, and London fashion week





Well, Dario, hope to see you in Europe next season then :) Fingers crossed !!!





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My next interview I did with an EXTRAORDINARY talented guy from New York! His portfolio is very rich with achievements in art (speaking in general! ). Dario Mohr is an Exhibiting Fine Artist, Painter, Mixed Media Artist, Illustrator, Cartoonist, Comic Artist, Caricaturist, Graphic Designer, And Fashion Designer. He is in the process of Establishing his Dario Mohr Fine Arts DBA with companies under the umbrella including Psychonautical INKorperated, Mischief Men Comics, Daft Minerva Fashion, BuddhaHood Threads and Nescient Profits Greeting Card Company ( BEAT IT!!! ) He is aiming for MORE ! More extraordinary, more unique, more special !!! His designs are hand painted and hand embellished….and can be worn backwards and frontwards!!!!

1403546885416  10369430_1571837453043094_718914163_a

He also paints. Years of practice and additional courses helped him to exhibit his work to many galleries and art festivals including Curtain Up exhibit, Cosmopolitan Gallery, College Street Gallery, Music Is Art Festival, Allen West Festival just to name the few :) He is never stopping always dedicating himself to the ART. Uniqueness and difference is something which distinguishes Dario from other artists! Check out his personal website,, to to find out more about his drawings and paintings! You will be surprised how many wonderful paintings he has under his belt!


Tomorrow You will have the possibility to find out his story…. This interview really inspired me to do more intensively what I am aiming for :)

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Bea Ruggieri lives in Erba, very close to Milan…this simple girl is always progressing as a model as well as a tattooist. She can be an inspiration to many of us as from having nothing you can actually have everything and be happy :)THUG LIFE !!!


1. How did you find your passion for modelling?

I got contacted by one of the photographers, and after that photoshoot many others contacted me. Now I have about 2-2.5 years experience as an alternative model.


2. What means modelling for you? Is it only your hobby or also some kind of work?

Both. I am very serious about modelling always giving my maximum because I just love it ..


 3. How did you learn how to „move” at front of the camera? or posing came naturally to you?

No one never teached me how to pose. It came to me naturally very slowly….. I don’t think you can really learn it :)


4. How do you find photographers to work with?

I have never contacted any photographer by myself. They call me asking for collaboration


5. Your main achievements.

My main achievements include advertisement photoshoots for Groupon, Hoyer, Voo, Ebay. I also took part in shootings for Custom Magazine, Fotografare or Cronaca Vera.

1606511_238061172984504_3814650988164640715_o 10447100_249242505199704_6735149591501475767_n


6.Do you have any inspirations?

Honestly…. I don’t. Especially in the fashion industry there is no one who inspires me. I want to be ME  always and everywhere. I would say that my inspiration is my lovely grandmother.


7. What was your most exciting or different shooting so far?

I really loved my shooting with a horse. It was a real challenge and was surprisingly hard to pose with a horse as he never wanted to stand in one position :)



8. What is your favourite type of shooting?

I am a nude model, doing alternative photoshoots as well. Those are my favourites :)

1374223_591845504195014_1889945962_n  1464740_607965275916370_875264193_n

 9. Let’s speak about tattoos. Where this passion came from?

I am interested in tattooes since i was 12. I remember when I was just 13 I stressed my parents that I want one :)Later, slowly slowly I got new ones…. many more :)


 10. How your parents react when you add always new tattooes to your rich collection :) ?

I started really early. My first tattoo I done when I was just 14. Obviously my parents didn’t know about this one, and even now they are not very pleased when I do my next tattoo but they never prohibit me anything I want to do with my life!


11. OK I got it :) So in total, how many tattoos you have SO FAR?

I quited counting a while ago, but my favourite is definitely this on my…ass  „THUG LIFE”….And I want to continue doing new ones untill I have empty place on my body :)


 12. Do you have any hidden talents?

Well, I consider myself as a good cook. My friends are telling me that I have a good voice too, but I am too ashamed to sing anywhere besides shower or singing and jumping on my couch :)


13. What is your favourite music then ?

I like pretty much everything from metal to classical music. Anything except commercial, minimal and house music.


 14. And how about your body? How do you keep up in good shape?

I was always pretty skinny. It’s just luck…no sport and no dieting. By the way from time to time sports activity is always a good change :)


15. So if you would have to eat only one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

I love salty things. I can eat pizza and french fries all my life !


 16. What cosmetics are you using on daily basis?

i am not very sophisticated ….I like to use only mascara and sometimes eyeliner. That’s it.


17.And the last one :) any aspirations ? what is your main desire, dream?

I am not very picky, I am a simple girl without any pretensions to life :)  For me enough is to have loving family and my own house plus continuing my progressing work as a tattooist !



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550123_10151500884876289_529944919_n       48031_10151655809196289_1609242168_n


Bea Ruggieri lives in Italy, around 30km from Milan, Lecco area….. her dream is just to have a loving family and house in the future PLUS continuing her work as a tattooist! so simple, huh :) ? Let’s hear her story….she payed my attention because you could just feel this positive energy shining inside of her !! All of us have different stories, goals, lifes, dreams, attitudes…….The best way is just to TRY !!!!


Even if we have nothing, and succeed.. and when we overcomed all obstacles to reach our goals… THUG LIFE  —> as in Beas’ favourite tattoo…on her ass :)

10271334_244456469011641_4120437097288368306_o 10014765_235368449920443_545467053_o

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1. First of all thank you for this interview. At the beginning tell me what are you up to this beautiful day :)  ?

So far I am living and working in Warsaw, and today is my working day :) I came back home in the morning today from Mielno where i was working. This evening I have also training in the theatre.


2. How looks like your schedule? Probably you are very busy. Don’t you need a manager who would organize everything for you?

I need to say that I am getting busier all the time, but so far I am organizing everything by myself. I used to look around to find a manager, but as I am not a professional actress so I cannot join an acting agency. I am not interested in becoming a celebrity so I am looking for an artistic manager and someone who would take care of my „image” in media…but unfortunately in Poland there are only few people working in that profession. So I just decided to take care off my business by my own.



 3. Do you prefer this full of tension life, being observed by media all the time OR this more ordered life as an athlete?

Sincerely, I do not think I am living the life of show business. Everything I do so far is gaining new experience and developing myself. Working as an athlete definitely prepared me to overcome obstacles and to pursue my goals no matter what! Thanks to my gimnastics career I learnt to be disciplined and to work hard, because without those features you cannot gain success in life.


 4. When did you decide to give up gimnastics?

I gave up gimnastics when I was 21…3 years after olimpics, Athens ’04. It was the time as I achieved in this sport everything i wanted. I needed new challenges and new experiences. Gimnastics is very hard sport with a lot of sacrifices and the career is ending up pretty early. I found dancing as my next huge passion, after some time it turned to be my next profession and something that I am doing on everyday basis.


5. How looks like your tipical day now?

It is hard to say as almost every day looks different. But most part of the day I spend in the training room preparing for next projects and In the evening I am a teacher of pole dance. Evenings after work I usually spend just relaxing with my husband :)

10384537_10152589934459257_9214970097832000775_n_Fotor  1012461_10200689222049963_934568377_n

 6. After „You Can Dance” you flew to the United States to take part in training lessons at Broadway Dance School. How was it? Wouldn’t you prefer to stay over there? You would have more opportunities to become one of the best dancers in the world.

After my athletics career I was very determined to develop myself in dancing! I had an opportunity to go to the States and learn from the best dancers and choreographers. It was wonderful experience and I could learn really a lot. Obviously working in America is very tempting, but unfortunately it is not so easy. You need to have an artistic visa which is very hard to get. Hopefully in the future I will have this opportunity to work there


 7. What differences could you see between polish and american people?

The main difference you could see in life attitude. In the States people are happier and nicer to each others. Polish people like to be negative, and this bad attitude affects others which cause that a person is sad and angry.


8. You played also one of the main roles in polish episode film of VIVA „Milosc na bogato”. How do you find yourself in THIS world of polish celebrities? What do you like and what definitely don’t?

I wouldn’t say that I belong to this world. This episode film was only a job for me. The thing i definitely didn’t like is that I started to be recognizable. It is hard for me as I like my privacy the most

milosc-na-bogato-2-sezon-justyna_19402759 0

 9. How did you get this role? Accident, luck or did you go to the casting?

I went for a casting just because I was curious. To be honest, I didn’t expect that I will get the role. In my interview sheet I wrote that I am not drinking, I don’t like parties and I am not that crazy type of girl…and surprisingly I got the role! Producers were looking for a girl exactly as I am, I was in schock :)


10. Do you have any artistic education? Was it hard to learn how to play the role? how much time you needed for remembering the sheets?

I didn’t finish any special, artistic school, but to this kind of film I didn’t really need to ( because this is kinda hybrid episode film ). We didn’t have typical scenario so our roles were mostly improvised.


 11. You met many polish celebrities. Are you surprised with the behaviour of some of them?

Media people in most parts are just normal persons as all of us. They behave the same way as others, with the only difference that they are recognizable :)


12. The role you played in VIVA TV arouses certain emotions among the public. Do you read information about yourself? What, in general, is your opinion about that?

I rather not read information about myself. Unfortunately comments from internauts are in most parts just an anonimous outpouring of anger . This is just sad as probably their lifes didn’t go as they wanted to, so the anger arouses.


 13. So there is more haters or supporters of Justyna Banasiak?

It’s hard to say if I have more supporters or opponents, but I believe it’s half-half :) I’m getting many supportive messages. It’s very nice to hear that my work is an inspiration and motivation for others . Obviously you can also hear about someone who doesn’t like that I am motivated enough to fullfill my dreams but I try to avoid this kind of people or look at negative comments.


14. Let’s speak now about nicer part- fashion :) Do you take part in fashion shows or celebrity events?

Maybe you will be surprised, but i am not very interested in those kind of parties. I try to avoid my promotion by appearing on „the walls” as many celebrities do.


 15. Could you learn some fashion tricks from other famous people?

Not too much :) I wear what I like and what is comfortable to wear in my lifestyle, not necessarily fashionable. Of course I am trying to follow current trends but as most of my time I spend on my training, my wardrobe is full of tracksuits and sports clothes :)


16. Ok, but for those more important parties when you know that you need to look good do you take some advise from stylists?

During promotion of the film I needed to appear in certain places so then my friend who is a stylist helped me.


 17. So what are your favourite brands? Where do you buy clothes most often?

Most often I buy clothes in the showroom and street shops. I am trying to follow fashion trends but I always choose what I like the most and what is the most comfortable to wear


18. And what is your opinion about plastic surgeries? Nowadays more and more people are using this kind of solution to stay younger and prettier, especially in polish show business.

I have no idea about those surgeries as I have never done and will never do. Anyways I think that even without doing a plastic surgery you can achieve a success. You need to find your own way, not what is currently trendy. Gaining success by any kind of operation is short- lasting and deceptive.


 19. So what you think about show business in general? Is it a good direction to go?

First of all people often confuse being KNOWN and being a celebrity. While someone is working in media does not mean that he sells his privacy. I think that working in a theater and in TV is a very good experience and gives you a lot of satisfaction.


20. What advise would you give to a person who wants to go in this direction?

You cannot give up even though there will be a lot of obstacles throughout your way. You need to stick to your target and believe that you can do it :)


21. What means happiness for you?

It is so hard to say as for every person it means something totally different. For me it means fullfilling my dreams, setting new goals and the ability to develop.


 22. If you could go back in time would you change something in your life?

I guess I would not change anything. Everything what happened and what I already achieved have built my personality and the person who I am today.


23. Let’s change subject a bit :)  What about keeping your body in a good condition. Do you stick to any diet?

I don’t have any diet because in my case  it would be too hard to stick to it sistematically. I try to eat very healthy as my job requires a lot of strenght and energy. I am avoiding products with chemical or artificial ingredients, I am trying to buy ecological food and currently I started to drink barley and eat chlorella because those products are in 100% natural and keep my body in good condition


 24. And what about cosmetics? which are your favourite, and what would you reccomend to use?

I am using all kinds of creams because my skin is very dry. I love lip balms, hand creams and body lotions ( I use them on everyday basis). I would definitely recommend cosmetics from ARBONNE. They are all natural and don’t contain parabens. So far those cosmetics you can buy only in London but in the near future they should be available in Poland :)


 25.  4-5 things you cannot live without.

- Contact lenses

-hand cream

-good music



26. 5 interesting facts about you people may not know yet :)

- I moved out from my house when I was just 13 to live in Olimpic Training Centre

- I did artistic gimnastics for 13 years

- 8 years I lived in Gdynia

- 2 years I lived in Bialystok

- I worked in a clothes store and as a waitress :)


NOTE: Most of those photos are made by very talented polish photographer Anna Gorajka ( Check her out :D )

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