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1. Basic question, how did you start your journey with photography?

I was always interested in art. When I was 17 years old I started working as a photomodel but after a while I understood that photography is more interesting for me, so I focused more on that profession….


2. What gear are you working on

I am working on Canon 5d mark II



3. Did you take part in any courses for photography? Maybe you finished a special school?

No, I am self- taught :)


4. So what is your educational background?

I am a full time student at the Warsaw University, with the major Management. Actually I am in the proces of writing my Master’s Thesis…


5. In your opinion, what are the ingredients to be a successful photographer?

Passion, determination and the sense of beauty.

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6. So what means beauty for you?

I think everyone has different taste. But for me there are 2 aspects of beauty: 1st is „visual beauty” – something which perception makes pleasure ( and I do it by photography ) ….and 2nd is our „internal beauty” – something which we all should have in our hearts.


6. You are very young BUT already successful. Do you remember IT moment when you started receiving more serious projects?

Not everyone is aware of that, but photography is a very hard job! I didn’t think about being the best but to give everything best of me every single day. The success came alone :)

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7. What was the moment after you decided that you want to start doing photography professionally?

The moment when my clients were really satisfied from my work so they came back again :) this gives me a real motivation!

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8. Best advice you have ever been given…

” Who does not rist does not drink champagne”


9. This is one of my favourite quotes as well! Anyways, I saw on your website that you travel a lot. You were working in many places in the world. Which city you liked the most, where would you like to come back again?

Definitely Mialmi and New York. I will come back there ..not only once :)

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10. And how is it to be a photographer in Poland? Is it hard to live from the salary :) ?

No no …I don’t complain :) I am working in Warsaw and so far I am satisfied


11. So I bet you want to stay here in Poland or would you like to move out to another country for working?

I have many projects in London, but at the moment I do not think about moving out from Poland…

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12. What is your dream place to do a shooting?

I would really love to shoot in Antarctica <3


13. What do you like the most in photography?

As I said, client’s satisfaction is the most important. I also like to hear the words of appreciation

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14. You are working with famous and non famous clients. How would you compare those two?

Well, for me there is no difference at all between famous and non famous clients. I treat everyone on the same conditions!

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15. Your name is Izabela. Why Kitana Beker then?

I really value my privacy  that’s why I always use my artistic nickname- Kitana Beker

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16. How do you spend your free time?

If I am not working I wake up around 12, and I start with my coffee. I like to spend my free time actively, for example at the gym, swimingpool or squash. But also I like to be lazy sometimes doing nothing :)

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17. Can you imagine doing a break from photography?

I cannot imagine… is my passion!


18. What is your dreaming project?



19. 5 things you cannot live without..

my cat Janusz, white chocolate, my camera, conversations with my mum, travelling

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20. 5 words your friends would use to describe you…

creative, crazy, individualist, friendly and lazy :)


21. And at the end…..what are your plans for the next few months?

Most of all I want to defend my master’s degree. I also have some nice projects in Poland with few cover magazines :)


 FINGERS CROSSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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