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Anna Chiz ( mother agency Andy Fiord Models) . Crazy, funny russian girl. Maybe that’s why I got a long with her so easy and fast.I met her at one of the castings in Milan.  In general, most of the time you just go to a casting …. wait…. look on the phone …. done :) We got along straight away. I believe it is really exciting to know a lil bit more about her experiences and life :)


Currently she is in SHENZEN, China……. Common opinion, many people would want to be a model. Modelling can be financially rewarding and can also give you a lot of other benefits, like meeting new, important people etc. Many find the profession exciting and enjoy different experiences, while exploring new cultures/ countries, meeting new people and most importantly being part of the fascinating fashion industry.

1425726_564146430338623_1134093144_n     542592_428195853933682_1769069718_n   537006_424704490949485_1683463884_n

Let’s find out how looks like this BUSINES in the eyes of Ania ! I am just in the middle of doing an interview with her. Just wait for the results :) 

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10354247_10204903554645613_2029441199749869590_n  10590622_10204090328995480_7440559964113954475_n

She got a bronze medal at Bikini Fitness Polish National Championships… competing in this category for the first time ever ! Slowly she is getting to the top, recently competed  at the European Cup together with the current World Fitness Bikini Champion, Hanna Garboś. Until recently, Hania was her biggest role model, now they are competing together on the same level. Beautiful and sexy, she used to be a model, but chosed to continue her passion- sport- on the highest level possible! I am presenting an interview with MARTA HORDYJEWSKA, crossfit specialist, personal coach and bikini fitness competitor…



1. Basic question. How did you start your athletic career? tell me your journey…

My life was always connected to sport. I was very lucky, because when I was 6 years old my parents signed me to the sports club called „Lublinianka”, where for many years I practiced swimming. This club created for all of the team a special class in school. This allowed us to train every day. And this experience teached me the discipline. From an early age I developed inside of me kind of „addiction” to the sport. Throughout my whole life I tried multiple sports disciplines. And now I cannot immagine life without sport.

My recent love is a crossfit. I joined the club called „The Box Crossfit Śródmieście” in Warsaw. One day with the team we decided to  promote the club and the crossfit discipline in general by taking part in FITLOOK. We wanted to prove that not only hours in the gym guarantee fit looking body. By taking part in FITLOOK I started my journey with bodybuilding and bikini fitness competitions.

Under his wings took me my long-term friend Arek Michalik. Together we started preparation to competitions and we collaborate ever since :) I felt in love in bodybuilding. Currently I am continuing my workouts, I am preparing for next competitions, I am constantly widening my knowledge and willingly share this knowledge with other competitors and people who want to begin their healthy life journey   .

1920328_10152899973499814_588927244602356676_n   10696398_744125135664920_6287867489780223889_n 

 2. How do you prepare for competitions ?

Currently I am on the strenght training plus aerobic endurance training. And of course significant is diet, diet and diet :)

10353582_654475014629933_9092997989693757249_n   1920170_10205016362065728_9190019566563536469_n

 3. Are you on a constant diet then? Or maybe you have some periods in the season while you allow yourself for some less healthy food?

I am not doing a classic „mass-reduction” diet. I am keeping in a good shape for the whole year ( do not confuse this with my pick-season shape). I am just feeling better with myself this way, I could never be on the classic mass diet. Only 2 months before competitions my diet becomes more strict as this is significant for my body shape.

10612618_10204495666088654_7369554321607065012_n   10464244_10204319009432348_7552704912266249819_n


4.  Nowadays, in media, we can see BOOM for different kinds of diet…those more healthy and those not healthy at all. As a specialist, what would you suggest for a person who wants to start dieting, living healthier lifestyle?

Diet has to be created individually as we are all different entities. The best way is to find an experienced coach/ dietician. He should be fully professional (those obesed dieticians or coaches out of shape – well, think about it :P ) There is NO „miracle diet” ideal and identical for everyone.

10698538_721481097935039_4212917371579866890_n   10649887_10204744469948595_6319861346780139103_n

 5. Also recently, especially among celebrities, popular are freshly made fruit/ vegetable juices. Are you including those in your meal plan?

I do not drink juices. I am just drinking few litres of water daily. I am avoiding fruits as they contain a lot of needless sugar, whereas vegetables I prefer simply crude :)


6.  How looks like your tipical day?

I have a full-time job in a marketing agency, so my day is like: work 9-17, practice and home :) In the evenings I am trying to catch up on my social life, do some typical household duties or just lie down and be lazy. On weekends I have my hardest workouts, cheat day (I started just this month) and all other additional cultural activities. At the end if we have less time we literally have it more.

1960126_10202600368443394_313311876_n   313359_10200599571008712_162128387_n  44457_4962712502595_423923073_n


7. How do you keep up such a hard regime? what helps you?

Conversations with my closest friends. Because of my full time job, hard workouts and psychophysical stress ( at the end I am not indestructible) 2 months before competitions are for me very, very hard so talking with my best friends really helps. And sometimes I simply miss Snickers :)



8.  Also, how do you find motivation to train harder and harder every day? What is your way to keep the motivation at all times?

I have the motivation inside of me. I cannot explain that though….. simply I was born that way. I just know that if I won’t find the motivation inside of me nothing will helps. Even my coach knows that during my hard times I like to complain, but at the end, the next day I will do two times harder workout. When I have some hard times I am looking on photos of the best competitors in the world or even photos of my coach and friends… after that I usually feel the adrenaline and willingness to train harder :)


9. And what would you suggest for a person who does not have such high motivation but would like to find and keep it?

I would suggest to find a good motivator. I am aware of the fact that not everyone has the same internal strenght as I do. Inspiration by other people is really helpful. I often repeat that every one of us starts from zero, and no one is the champion straight away, so we need to move forward, in the way we are satisfied with ourselves. It is also very important to have balance/ rational approach to the subject- I am competing on a professional level so I am kinda extreme case, but I would strongly suggest for everyone simply healthy and active lifestyle.

1453361_10202695995898024_173109488_n  1505458_10202177675596337_774079993_n   1551518_10202218172328730_1119653389_n


10. I read some of your interviews and in one of them you said that „if a woman wants to take part in bodybuilding competitions she should have „commonsensical attitude to the subject”. What does that mean?

Firstly, health is the most important aspect. Pushing your body to the limits just to take part in competition is not a good solution.  Furthermore your life balance. You cannot constantly dieting and working out, it cannot become all of your life because firstly, you will become INTOLERABLE for friends, and secondly at the end you will stay alone……. I am not wishing this to anyone! You just need to know when to say STOP…

946663_10200986555083072_1039284771_n   Dopiesc-swoj-motocykl-5


11. Let’s speak now about THE beauty. What kind of cosmetics are you using on a daily basis?

I am addicted to sweet-smelled cosmetics.When a body lotion, peeling, cream or perfums smell like vanilla, candy-floss, cinnamon or chocolate…I am in heaven :) I am also using highly moisturizing cream and colorful cosmetics as I adore feeling feminine.


12. Are you paying a lot of attention to take care of your hair and skin then?

I have very dry skin so moisturizing, moisturizing and again moisturizing :)


13. What is your total MUST HAVE?

I am addicted to all kind of lip balms, body lotions and hand creams. The prettier smell the better :) I love to test new things. For example I love „Pink Sugar”, Aquolina water, pheromone body lotions like gingery, cinnamon, pina colada….. My total Must Have though is Hypnotic Poison by Dior- very strong and sweet feminine smell.

41xmp5UD0xL   nd.23098


14. Are you interested in fashion?

As every woman does :)


15. So what is your preffered style?

And here we have a „dissonance” between how I prefer to dress, and how it is in a real life because of the comfort. My wardrobe is full of sport clothes and I guess you can see me most often in a casual look. Though… I like to put on my high heels sometimes and feel like a bombshell :)

11595_10204864588591486_2647496339485479658_n   10433861_10204862941070299_8025483718938797591_n


16. What kind of clothing stores are your favorite ones?

I have my favorite designers but because of financial limits I end up buying in popular local stores.


17.  5 things you cannot live without.

Things- so I wont say my family, art, sport…… so i would say my music player, a cup of coffee, bottle of water, my phone, credit card :) But honestly, I am not quite addicted to any personal belongings.


 18. And your plans for next months?

Currently I am still resting, and from february I am starting my preparations to Polish Championships. I have also few private plans but everything is not clear yet :)






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UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!! And my next interview on the way with the pure beauty- Marta Hordyjewska !

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Hello World,

Sorry for not updating the blog ….. I was in Milan and now I came back to my beautiful, cold Poland !  I am proud of the fact that very recently I started my collaboration with Roma Magazine ( ) hopefully it will be a long term cooperation and slowly we won’t need to introduce ourselves to anyone :) !!! and …. wish me luck :)

Anyways, I am happy to present my next interview tomorrow with a personal trainer and crossfit queen Marta Hordyjewska ( she used to be a model before )

981573895   10407935_10204766696224238_2090597134942411548_n

 Recently we can see BOOM on healthy living. Sporty clothes, healthy meals and exercises are fashionable now ( which we can see for example on FACEBOOK SELFIES :P  ) Marta is an example of a sporty girl who looks just beautiful and stylish even after her hard workout ;)

10422121_10204218656059573_6197532301106799469_n   1374263_10204229563772259_6242551024816902339_n

her interesting points of view, her beauty, her sexapil, very modern style ……… that’s how she paid my attention :)  Wait until tomorrow …and I am starting to translate the talk .

10612914_762739047113541_74020007771250590_n   10801823_729431597139989_6082420578492046561_n

have a great day x


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Pedro Mejias – Mister of Bahamas ! check him out <3

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name: Lyndero Pedro Mejias
nickname: Pedro
country: Nassau Bahamas
date of birth: 7.10.1988
favourite designer: Calvin Klein Ray Brown
inspirations: Tyson Breckford, Brad Pitt, Will Smith
favourite movie: the notebook ( mine as well by the way :) )
music: R&B
inspiring quote: Do not let anybody tell you you cannot do something!


1. OK, Pedro,What motivates you to take part in Mister Competitions?

My family and friends mostly


 2. What makes you special then?

I am special as there is only ME one of a kind in this world :)

IMG_41594615671677    IMG_41730686409490

 3. Do you think that you are a role model for people around you?

Yes, because I am very positive about everything. Also, I help people to recognise their talent so they can use it properly


4. How is it to compete for your home country- Bahamas?

It is a lot of pressure. But to compete for you country feels really great at the same time :)


5. Do you get a lot of support from Bahamas?

I got a lot of support from my family, friends AND country as they recognise me already. When they recognise that you are doing something positive with your life- you got the support.


 6. You told me in our previous conversation that you are very limited in Bahamas. How come?

Because Bahamas is a very small country and there is not so much to do to develop much as in the US for example.


 7. Where have you been shooting, doing shows and competitions so far?

Outside Bahamas I was in Thailand and Peru.


8. And what about living in Bahamas, in general? Is there a lot of poverty?

The Bahamas are only vacations for me :) I love it with all my  heart. There is NO a lot of poverty over there though…

0-2  0-3   0


9. Would you like to move out to another country to explore your modelling career?

Yes. I would like to move to the United States or United Kingdom.


10. What forms of modelling do you enjoy the most?

I love fashion shows because as  the minute I walk on to the stage I feel all the energy from the crowd- and it feels so good!

FB_IMG_1416552757842     IMG_41649962962020

11. Do you get high financial rewards from winning Mister Competitions?

Yes you win SOME money. I like to travel outside my home country for competitions. Every competition is different though, mostly because you do not know anybody and you can test yourself. If you have that”it” in yourself- you win. 


 12. How do you prepare yourself for competitions?

I train hard every single day. I am doing a diet and reading about my competitors PLUS doing physical tests every month.  I do not know about my competitors at all before the competition which helps me :)


 13. Please, tell me about your lifestyle. What do you normally do on a daily basis to keep in a good shape ?

 I wake up around 5 a.m. to train every day, and I have a special training for my muscles. Also, I am eating A CLEAN FOOD !!


 14. In your opinion, why men should have a good physique?

Because it makes us feel good. I really love compliments from other sports people as it motivates me to work harder!

DSC09581    IMG_26847255102790

 15. And what do you think about people who take steroids to achieve their physique?

 It does NOT matter for me.  I do not take any drugs, and at the end of the day I can say that I am clean, and I did a good job without taking anything. The side effects are the worst……


16. Do you think that being a man is more lucky that being a woman?

 YESSS! Because we are  providers and the head of the household  at the end :)


 17. How do you use your awesomeness in a positive way then? Does it help you in a NORMAL life?

 I really do not know :(  Maybe I should use my handsomeness/beauty to explore my career ;)


18. Do you have a girlfriend ;)

NO, I am single now :) :) 


 19. What are 5 the most interesting things about you that people may NOT know …


 IMG_70898848038459     IMG_70908687507101

20. Now, 5 interesting facts about you that people may NOT know …

not everyone knows that I can ice skating, rap, I love country music, I run marathons ( just finished one few days ago) and I can DJ ….



21. And the last one. Your plans for the next few weeks ?

 There is a lot of travelling to the U.S. ahead of me. I did many fashion shows already and waiting for my next contracts !!!!






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quick update! and finally got some time to do the interview … PEDRO MEJIAS- THE MISTER OF BAHAMAS :) ! wait until monday <3

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Hey World !!! Maybe you are wondering why I am not updating the blog. Things are a bit busy for me now. I am based in Milan and trying to organise myself….plus doing a Personal Training Course! On monday though I will present another interview which I did with a real cutie :)

525588_10151243418908921_444249218_n    IMG_26847255102790


His name is Pedro Mejias…And he is the Mister of Bahamas ! Showcasing for underwear brands mostly, now looking to move out to Los Angeles !!! With his good looking appearance and highly positive attitude towards his goals he can make it really high … ” DONT EVER LET ANYBODY TELL YOU YOU CANNOT DO THIS” 

DSC09581    IMG_19026878241351


Wait until monday to find out his lifestyle and his thoughts about the business :) 

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10799502_1565053137051305_1827035036_n   fd2085a1fbb7b722bed253f4c25f723f_295500


1. Basic question, how did you start your journey with photography?

I was always interested in art. When I was 17 years old I started working as a photomodel but after a while I understood that photography is more interesting for me, so I focused more on that profession….


2. What gear are you working on

I am working on Canon 5d mark II



3. Did you take part in any courses for photography? Maybe you finished a special school?

No, I am self- taught :)


4. So what is your educational background?

I am a full time student at the Warsaw University, with the major Management. Actually I am in the proces of writing my Master’s Thesis…


5. In your opinion, what are the ingredients to be a successful photographer?

Passion, determination and the sense of beauty.

10446099_594846800628402_3254578299080481081_o   10754983_1565053673717918_753086409_n

6. So what means beauty for you?

I think everyone has different taste. But for me there are 2 aspects of beauty: 1st is „visual beauty” – something which perception makes pleasure ( and I do it by photography ) ….and 2nd is our „internal beauty” – something which we all should have in our hearts.


6. You are very young BUT already successful. Do you remember IT moment when you started receiving more serious projects?

Not everyone is aware of that, but photography is a very hard job! I didn’t think about being the best but to give everything best of me every single day. The success came alone :)

10755037_1565053630384589_887767474_n   10743542_1565053617051257_881911097_n

7. What was the moment after you decided that you want to start doing photography professionally?

The moment when my clients were really satisfied from my work so they came back again :) this gives me a real motivation!

1403382_459792667467150_398191709_o   1902781_667398246691654_1855574336993575355_n

8. Best advice you have ever been given…

” Who does not rist does not drink champagne”


9. This is one of my favourite quotes as well! Anyways, I saw on your website that you travel a lot. You were working in many places in the world. Which city you liked the most, where would you like to come back again?

Definitely Mialmi and New York. I will come back there ..not only once :)

10636086_653571971422551_4356073636122339508_n   10745001_1565053133717972_89625441_n

10. And how is it to be a photographer in Poland? Is it hard to live from the salary :) ?

No no …I don’t complain :) I am working in Warsaw and so far I am satisfied


11. So I bet you want to stay here in Poland or would you like to move out to another country for working?

I have many projects in London, but at the moment I do not think about moving out from Poland…

1471367_492748124171604_1534187555_n   10380532_603703753076040_4481330726387539091_o

12. What is your dream place to do a shooting?

I would really love to shoot in Antarctica <3


13. What do you like the most in photography?

As I said, client’s satisfaction is the most important. I also like to hear the words of appreciation

10749228_1565053733717912_816821450_n   10745058_1565053670384585_1767507171_n

14. You are working with famous and non famous clients. How would you compare those two?

Well, for me there is no difference at all between famous and non famous clients. I treat everyone on the same conditions!

10354733_812580212127853_8433903931428310434_n   10616692_626128007500281_1318416571288497616_n


15. Your name is Izabela. Why Kitana Beker then?

I really value my privacy  that’s why I always use my artistic nickname- Kitana Beker

1462896_483897845056632_274264132_n   10698591_653788568067558_8166344581847784138_n

16. How do you spend your free time?

If I am not working I wake up around 12, and I start with my coffee. I like to spend my free time actively, for example at the gym, swimingpool or squash. But also I like to be lazy sometimes doing nothing :)

10749429_1565053130384639_1107427766_n   10745058_1565053127051306_820235806_n

17. Can you imagine doing a break from photography?

I cannot imagine… is my passion!


18. What is your dreaming project?



19. 5 things you cannot live without..

my cat Janusz, white chocolate, my camera, conversations with my mum, travelling

10306748_655796571200091_9004757962520884183_n   10277605_10203814253226962_2863904071293674062_n

20. 5 words your friends would use to describe you…

creative, crazy, individualist, friendly and lazy :)


21. And at the end…..what are your plans for the next few months?

Most of all I want to defend my master’s degree. I also have some nice projects in Poland with few cover magazines :)


 FINGERS CROSSED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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10304969_1561281550761797_6295628287136761219_n    1618543_1462030310686922_1050309690_n

SO SO SO SORRY for the delay …..but here is it, 24 years old Kitana Beker ( on the photos above ) .One of the most talented polish photographers! She is busy …very busy :) but finally she found some time for me ! She impresses because her photos attract attention of other clients like CKM or Playboy just to name the few …:)

10374445_609988962447519_5053141166786087590_n         1471367_492748124171604_1534187555_n    10426827_10202033403185224_7406621288209450674_n

She has worked with many famous celebrities …but I will tell about it next time ;) Europe brands know her, and many of YOU would like to work with her soon …. sexy… sophisticated… interesting… new.. different…  modern- and what else ?!?!  Just find out … :)

10616692_626128007500281_1318416571288497616_n           1098495_540094952770254_2074808799_n

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Today i am presenting another interview with very sophisticated, exotic and emotional model from Belarus.ALEKSANDRA YUN has russian-korean heritage, which gaves her an unique and specific look. She tries to use her talent fully never ashamed of her body at front of the camera…. which gaves her a lot of beautiful photos up to half nude, nude and met art stiles! I waited to post the interview a bit of a time as she was in Dubai for a shooting…. and now I am happy to present it today. Nowadays models are more creative and OPEN for doing half-nude or nude photoshoots, which is of course a way better payed…… well, enjoy :)

need_interesting_title_by_saju90-d76jbpv   relaxing_by_saju90-d6vqcax

1. First of all, tell me something about yourself. What are your educational backgrounds?

My name is Aleksandra Yun, better known as Saju90. I am 24 years old. I was born in a small town in Belarus but i have korean- russian heritage and that is where my exotic look comes from. I studied 4 years in medical university and then switched to psychology and get my diploma in this field. I really enjoy studying peoples actions and emotions.

awaiting_for_next_track_by_saju90-d6e126e  black_widow_by_saju90-d5ugjsu

2. And what about modelling. How did you start?

A friend of mine saw something exotic in me and how i was moving at front of the camera. He suggested to create a modeling profile online to see if my photos will get attention from photographers and it actually was a lot of interests shown in first few months :) He also helped me with first and all following bookings and shoots.


3. Was it hard to combine your education with modelling? Especially as you studied such hard majors as medicine and psychology

It was hard but with good support from friends and understanding of my family, my mom and my sister, everything goes smoother.

explosion_by_saju90-d63qf0a  ba27197fd1bf840b98b86b62b77d3d8e

4.  Do you get a lot of attention from international photographers? Which countries have you visited so far?

Yes i travel a lot , i spend more time in other countries than at home. Zurich, Geneva, Dubai, Germany, Holland, Maldives, Hong Kong, Paris, Milan, Malaysia, Angola …just to name the few :)


5. Where is your favourite place to travel?

Hmm so far i would say Hong Kong and Malaysia…

7cc1b71c15e09c06a94582f2650f7d67  2_is_always_better_then_one____hot_set_by_saju90-d4i1s7x

6. You are very experienced international model then. You do a lot of nude photoshoots. There are of course many PSEUDO PHOTOGRAPHERS who just like to use girls for their sexual preferences. Are you not scared of going for shootings sometimes?

I never go alone for a shooting if a photographer does not have references. If he doesn’t accept my friend being on a shoot I just don’t go ( but usually they accept it). I also get references from my model friends.


7. Have you ever had any sexual proposals from any of your photographers?

Sexual poses on the bed are not awkward for me BUT I had a situation when the photographer came to the bed and I felt this „message” from him. The shooting ended straight away, because it was not a very nice situation. That is the reason I always go with a friend when I shoot with an unknown photographer. 

89cd75667588f87c6d40502695ce51d1  daaa508cad37567d4bf6f40b95f1e971

8. You mostly do nude photoshoots. Was it something intimidating at first?

The only intimidating thing on the shoot is how I will look on that photo :) But I think there is nothing to be ashamed of in nude shoots. Nude body is beautiful and it’s „made” to be shown and enjoyed by people.


9. How do you prepare yourself for a shooting?

Well it’s a long process, takes around 2 hours because of my hair. It really takes a lot of time to wash them, take care of them and later to dry them off. Most of the time i do make up by myself so the rest of the time i spend doing it.


10. Describe the usual atmosphere on the shoot. Do you play music, talk with the photographer between shoots?

Yes i like to play music during the shoot , rest depends from the photographer. Most of them prefer to stay focused to get nice scene and settings and they shoot while i move and pose. I personally prefer those who like to speak and tell stories about their life and experience.

Untitled-8  unnamed

11. Do you like watching yourself on the photos?

Yes, and I do select photos personally for my profiles and portfolio.If i don’t like them, no one can makes me to use it on my sedcard…

Cover Erotika  You_are_so_beautiful 

12. Who is your favourite photographer so far?

Work with Daniel Fehr aka Dan( ).We have very good connection and we both feel each others during the shoot. My best photos came from our sessions.We have done about 30 workshops where i was a model and he was a leading photographer PLUS about 50 shoots in one on one with him.


13. What is the best advice you have ever been given?

DO NOT TRY to make uncomfortable poses, just be yourself and follow your intuition during the shoot. Relax, don’t smile for no reason because fake smiles look so bad on artnude photos.

ariel_guardian_angel_by_saju90-d683w1a   x_factor_by_saju90-d5uhrbs

14. How do you take care of yourself? Do you do any sports, have special diet?

I go to the gym at least 4-5 times per week but only to keep in good form. I  eat oatmeal kasha every morning but during the lunch i can easily eat big steak, chicken or fish ( during my lunch I can eat more than some guys :P  )… And in the evening I usually get a yogurt, salad or something similar.


15. Favourite cosmetics which would you recommend to my readers.

In 90% I use Clinique for my skin. For my hair I use a lot of different cosmetics but I give priority to Marlies Moller. It is expensive but worth for me every single cent.

1451873_fpx.tif  marliesmoeller5-2008

16. Which 5 words would your friends use to describe you?

classy, stylish, serious, unpredictable, secretive :)


17. And the last question, the easiest one :) Interesting facts about you (not necessarily regarding modelling) that people may not know yet .

I like reading a lot , i like some action and science-fiction movies, for example last part of Transformers or Avengers (so special effects and very nice sense of humor!) From time to time i need adrenaline in my blood to restart my body like bungiejumping, shooting real guns, riding horse  etc.







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Want to get married ?? Or your wedding party is closer and closer … check this out :)

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Today I will speak a little bit about bridal dresses … nowadays it’s so popular topic!! I spoke with the professional, Dublin based owner of . His name is Michael MacMahon and you can easily order the most unique bridal dresses from his website. Laila Monroe is mostly known in the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand markets but slowly is getting more attention in Europe as well.They have own designs, but customers can also give their ideas so Laila will do it for you…

abbie 2  abbie


As the very first beginning Michael started his career in the mens fashion business. His fellow friend became head of design at House of Chloe and Givenchy in Paris, and Michael MacMahon founded his Laila Monroe.

e.dress2  e.dress7  e.dress5


Why bridal dresses? „Bridal dresses are very specialised and expensive item and we believe that each bride is different so she should have the option of buying a custom made high quality dress at an affordable price.”



Those specific subjects- bridal dresses and marriage, are really unpredictable… I needed to ask my speaker what wedding dress trends will we see for 2015. As a specialist he said that „Fashion is an industry and it creates new „trends” every year so that they sell more product. The bottom line is creating profit! Fashion leaders dictate the latest „trend” and millions of people follow their lead. This is fine as most people like to have fresh new looks and for some, shopping is an obsession. However, for bridal trends, it’s a bit different. For example, in general fashion terms, colours and fabrics as well as styles are constantly changing, sometimes dramatically. But in the bridal space, changes are slower and more subtle. In general terms, most wedding dresses are still white or ivory with a few variations. Many styles are timeless. While softer fabrics, lace and vintage has been more prominent in recent years, the most important thing for any bride to consider is not what the current trends are but what style suits her figure best. So for 2015, Laila Monroe will be introducing some new styles using soft flowing fabrics that are very elegant but also some tight fitting sexy styles. What we hope is that brides will understand that even if she loves a particular dress, it might not be the one for her because as we always say, each bride is an individual and should pick what suits her best and not to try to follow any perceived trend.” If you are interested in buying a dress from Laila Monroe Collection, CHARLIE, ALINA and ERVINA are one of Michaels favourites. Worth attention are also dresses KHYM, KATIE, ALBINA and ALFINA.

abina  charlie  eening dress1  melanie


I was very curious if Michael BELIEVES IN MARRIAGE. His response was very clear and true. ” I believe in LOVE and that each person/ couple is different. If love is built on real friendship and both people feel that they want to commit themselves to a life-long relationship, then as long as they are happy with that- that’s OK. I am not very conventional person but I can see benefits where children are involved that it is better for them to have support from TWO parents rather than one but, each case is different. However, I do not believe in some of the marriage vows (” till death do us apart” etc. ) as they are not really relevant. Nobody gets married with the intention of getting a divorce so the marriage vows should refflect „reality”. So all in all, I believe in love and I believe in marriage. However, marriage is not for everybody and some people would better not to get married while for someit’s everything their lives are about”.

marriage  brokenmarriage2   no-marriage-game-over


Beautiful said, those sentences pretty much summed up everything …. I talked also with some of my friends about what they think of getting married. Most of them just agreed that marriage is NOT for everybody. The oldest would say though that marriage is a TRADITION; but younger generation slowly departs from this shame…. some had bad experience with their EX, some are scared of the BOOM of getting divorced or simply they just don’t know… Many of YOU probably will not agree with me, but personally I don’t believe in marriage. This is just a piece of paper, right ? and the matrymony you mosty do for your friends…’s better to go on ONE MONTH UNFORGETTABLE ADVENTURE with your partner :) Anyways, all of us have choices and we pick the best ones to be just happy ….life is definitely too short to be sad, or be uncertain… just go for it and do anything what makes you better and happier. Period :)



@Laila Monroe photos. All rights reserved

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Who can explain us the real experience at New York Fashion Week if not one of the designers who actually showcased there????  This guys name is Dario Mohr and this was his second participation at NYFW !!! I had some quick questions to him, with curiosity asking about his thoughts.


1499546_567908396628210_1793155329_n   541370_522194781199572_2014192662_n


What was your Spring/ Summer 2015 collection?

I created one collection from my line Daft Minerva which showcased half and half of at both of my initial NYFW  showcases -Fashion Gallery Menswear Collective in Helen Mills event Space on the 4th and MINT on 14th st on the 6th. Then I showcased my other line BuddhaHood at 2 showcases; Subvert NYFW Fashion and Juried Art show and The Premier Desigber Collective of Harlem, which my production company in collaboration with D’evolution Productions produced. The latter showcase featured all new T shirts from the limited edition Mandala series from the BuddhaHood line, and I also unveiled a new line in collaboration with David Acala called D&D Contemporary Clothing at the Harlem Showcase as well.



10628572_695599520525763_5245299686768200190_n 10675716_700282356724146_3824547450768376737_n 1604969_700283953390653_6049213377973767214_n 10632615_700283933390655_6672662203936924381_n 10626466_780534135323803_8741260454052994119_n   10370451_780533955323821_1583547091496019928_n



What made you different and unique?

My Daft Minerva Collection was more summery with beach inspired colors introducing sky blue and copper into the color pallet of the line with familiar elements such as studs and spikes. This collection was in collaboration with Redd Merge Accessories throughout NYFW. The BuddhaHood collections featured the BuddhaHats with graphic Ts and dresses 


10676285_698525293566519_4853575107868199468_n  10644957_691111000974615_8613069111263222428_n 10325204_700282343390814_39724784185837893_n


What other collection you liked the most?

I enjoyed MINT’s collection by Diarra Bousso who showcased modern african designed women’s wears and bridalwear. I also really enjoyed Lewellyn who presented graphic printed african inspired Mens and womenswear.



10646735_695024827239120_5636046983135520003_n  10592669_695024910572445_3669562317548073948_n  20140906_174403_hdr1


Was it very competitive this year?

It’s always a selection process from the coordinators. I luckily already knew about my show at Fashion Gallery (in collaboration with Figgie Shoes by Deborah Thompson and with jewelery provided by Redd  Merge Accessories) months in advance but didn’t know about my second showcase opening for MINT by Diarra Bousso until during NYFW (a few  days before the show) which was very exciting! Then to be able to call the shots on the creative direction of a fashion show I decided to step into new territory with 2 NYFW showcases produced by my production company AnhkLave Mind Media in collaboration with D’Evolution Productions.



10689629_698526003566448_4235096700367395598_n  10698542_698525886899793_2582089598991417870_n  10690172_698526023566446_1271580340920901444_n



What did you learn from this years Fashion Week?

This was my second NYFW showcase for Daft Minerva and first for BuddhaHood. It was also the first time that I have organized NYFW showcases. Of the 4 showcases I exhibited in I organized 2 of them and it had its fair share of challenges but we must have done something right as we were invited back o showcase NYFW at the Harlem Library again next season.   Fashion is starting to promote fitness, and there is a huge trend right now towards chic athletic wear- for people who want to look like they just worked out…are people in the United States also started to promote healthy living so much? US in general is more sporty then European fashion but I do notice a notable upgrade in athletic apparel over the years and i just attribute it to pop culture and the media having gaining more prevalence to the point that trendy fashion is being pushed in unlikely demographics, all age ranges and lifestyle choices. Healthy living is one of my favorite trends and I’m glad that nourishing ones self has become so trendy.

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